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America’s Long History of Warfare

The Us ever since its inception has been at war somewhere in the world.  If a truthful history was to ever be written then one would see that how many wars we fight and how many Americans have died.

PBS has aired a Vietnam War series…a look back at the history oi that war….the series is a good series from all I have heard….have a watched it?  NO.  I cannot watch much on that War at any given time…..the problem is that some say that the point is missed….that the issue of war should be looked at from the beginning to now….even the future.

The below article tackles that oversight….

Americans like to view their country as a force for peace in the world when the historical reality is almost the opposite, a reality ignored by the PBS Vietnam War documentary.

f you go to the Wikipedia page that gives a timeline of U.S. foreign military operations between 1775 and 2010, you are likely to come away in shock. It seems that ever since the founding of the country, the United States has been at war. It is as if Americans just could not (and still cannot) sit still, but had to (and still have to) force themselves on others through military action.

Often this is aimed at controlling foreign resources, thus forcing upon others the consequences of their own capitalist avarice. At other times the violence is spurred on by an ideology that confuses U.S. interests with civilization and freedom. Only very rarely is Washington out there on the side of the angels. Regardless, the bottom line seems to be that peace has never been a deeply ingrained cultural value for the citizens of the United States. As pertains to foreign policy, America’s national culture is a war culture.

Source: America’s Long History of Warfare – Consortiumnews

WE Americans need to know our history, especially when it comes to war, it helps explain the present and even the future.

The US would not be the world leader it is today without war….