History Of The Alt-Right

Since the last election the word of the year has been the “alt-Right”……ever growing more popular every time someone opens the mouth and spouts some crap……but where in the name of God did this bunch of half brain weasels come from?

Do you know where this crap originated?

All interesting ideas and maybe I can help the more intellectual of of my readers explain the phenom…..if that is possible.

The alt-right is likely to grow, gaining a firmer foothold in American politics (dammit)

In recent months, far-right activists — which some have labeled the “alt-right” — have gone from being an obscure, largely online subculture to a player at the very center of American politics.

Long relegated to the cultural and political fringe, alt-right activists were among the most enthusiastic supporters of Donald Trump. Earlier this year, Breitbart executive Steve Bannon declared the website “the platform for the alt-right.” By August, Bannon was appointed the CEO of the Trump campaign. In the wake of Trump’s victory, he’ll be joining Trump in the White House as a senior advisor.

Source: History of the alt-right: The movement isn’t just Breitbart and white nationalists — it’s worse – Salon.com

Please tell me It was a bit of help in this jungle of stupid we have nowadays in DC.

Did I help?

If so then we need to see that this group goes no further than the dust that will be 2017.


3 thoughts on “History Of The Alt-Right

  1. From what I have read, this ‘new movement’ shares one basic idea, and that is hatred of the Jews. Given that seems to be stated one way or another by almost every faction, then it would seem that this is not a new movement at all. Just a re-badged version of good old Fascism.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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