Closing Thought–30Oct17

I have remiss with my “Closing Thoughts” dealing with the health stuff.  I would to once again thank all my fellow bloggers for their outpouring to kindness..THANK YOU

On my return to this section…..ever have one of those songs stuck in your brain and you break into your version of the tune?

Well this is the song that has stuck in my brain for 14 days and I have to purge it….hopefully this confession will do the trick….exorcise my demon….LOL


That song made this many a millionaire…

With that chuq is out!  Tomorrow my friends….it may be a light posting day lots of doctor stuff….but I will be back grumpier than ever…LOL  chuq


4 thoughts on “Closing Thought–30Oct17

  1. Well, as I am writing this, I am also listening to that.. and whilst I am no enjoy-er of rap by any stretch (or big butts, for that matter).. um, ok. If this makes you heal faster, chuq, go for it, my friend. 🙂

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