Hospital Confidential

After good news from surgeon that I could go home….another doctor wants more days to check  my kidneys.

Good news dash on the rocks again.  Trying to keep positive mood  but it is hard to maintain.

I thank all for them for their continue moral support……I appreciate it fr0m the bottom om my hard.oldier on

I shall keep you guys up on the continuing saga of chuq” missing toes.

While You Were Worried About Stupid Stuff

Twitter battle with a Gold star widow, and a senior Senator……all the back and forth and with all that no one has noticed…….

U.S.-backed militias in Syria declared victory over Islamic State in its capital Raqqa on Tuesday, raising flags over the last jihadist footholds after a four-month battle.

The fighting was over and the alliance of Kurdish and Arab militias was clearing the city’s stadium of mines and any remaining militants, said Rojda Felat, commander of the Raqqa campaign for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

A formal declaration of victory in Raqqa will soon be made, once the city has been cleared of mines and any possible Islamic State sleeper cells, said SDF spokesman Talal Selo.

Source: Islamic State defeated in its Syrian capital Raqqa

According to that headline ISIS is all but defeated………..the truth is more subtle than the headlines….

Raqqa has crumbled far more quickly than anyone imagined. In just over four months, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), with Western air support, have liberated most of the city from Islamic State (IS). The de facto capital of the so-called caliphate, Raqqa was tightly controlled by its rulers, but it was a bustling hub of activity and urban life. For the hordes of foreign fighters who joined IS, it was almost enough to make them forget the virtues of the afterlife.

The fall of the city to SDF forces is a particularly bitter blow to IS, coming so soon after it lost control of its other main base, Mosul, across the border in Iraq. Yet the Islamic State message remains as defiant as ever. The terror group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, released a 46-minute audio message in September lauding the efforts of his fighters in Mosul. Yes, they lost the city but, Baghdadi insisted, this was only after sacrificing their flesh and blood. “Thus, they were excused,” Baghdadi said.

e: Islamic State is not beaten and will return

ISIS has a bloody nose and that is NOT  defeat…..they will be back and we will match up against them