Nate Came And Went

Hurricane Nate has hit land with a slight anger….the normal stuff with a storm….flooding, power gone, WiFi gone, wind and tree limbs……

Compared to the 3 we had just days ago it was not much to write home about….not as powerful as they were predicting…..

The only thing I have to bitch about is the reporting on the storm….the reports stated that on this course it will make landfall somewhere between New Orleans and Mobile……well this unnamed region actually has a name…it is called the Mississippi Gulf Coast….but for some reason they do not seem to want to use its “official” name…..I guess we are not as important as New Orleans or Mobile.

My Wifi is back and I thought I would fire off another post before I go silent again… is notoriously unreliable since Katrina….wind has died down….rain is spotty….looking good for my part of this storm to be over.

Like I said…we came through his storm as well as could be expected…..I would like to thank all my readers that offered up their well wishes…..

Hopefully all is over for now…..have a good day my friends….chuq

See What Happens When You Get Lazy?

Storm has come i am posting this from mobile…..still have cel service for now

Sunday and I will be honest…I have been preoccupied and did not find a good post for the day…..something tasteful yet not too damn political.

I will press IST’s most popular post……I wrote it back in 2008……Watermelon Makes You Horny”…..

The good news just keeps coming. First, coffee puts lead in your pencil and increases the endurance factor and now there is good news about another fav of mine. At my age, we look for all the help we can get.

Source: Watermelon Makes You Horny – In Saner Thought

I do not understand…..I am a pretty good analyst and have a unique style… what about this makes it worthy of the “most clicked on” post?  7000 hits in total.

You just cannot plan the direction your blog will go on any given day.  Just wish that some or my more academic posts were as popular.

Time for me to work on my broken toe…..and then cook a little chicken on the grill…..everyone enjoy your day….back tomorrow….chuq