That All-American Burger

A nice Sunday and the perfect day for Chuq burger on the grill….

Chuq Burger….9oz of ground sirloin….a touch of Chuq’s grilling mixture (top secret recipe) and a dash of Worcestershire sauce…..perfect patty with a thumb indention……..a blazing hot grill….cook 4 minutes first side flip and 3 minutes (depends on the fire temps will vary)) and onto a potato bun toasted…..mayo and some brown mustard… eat!

The lettuce, tomato and onion is a salad and belongs on the side with a bit of blue cheese dressing.  Been known to put cheese on my burger…depends on my mood….sharp cheddar or Havarti or Muenster…..depends on the mood.

I bring this up because of the title “all-American burger”… this opens this post up for something I do enjoy (besides a good burger)….a history lesson (I heard those heavy sighs)…..

As with any icon, the history of the hamburger is a long and sordid tale, from the minced meat that Mongol horsemen gnawed on during conquests to the iconic patty’s much-contested state-fair beginnings. Like most American foods, the burger has immigrant roots—meaty prototypes sailed over from Germany in the mid–19th century. But it became the sandwich we know and love today through all-American innovation. Dig into the archives and brush up on your hamburger history.

Source: The history of the hamburger: An American invention

I have made a “burger” out of a wide array of meats over the years….pork, turkey (not even close to a fave), goat, buffalo and veal….but nothing beats a good beef burger…….something about the smell when cooking and the taste fresh off the grill….

Now that I have made myself even hungrier than I was before I started it is time to make all ready for the meal…..

Please have a good day….and enjoy a good meal….see you guys Monday for more of the wonky stuff…..just not as much….LOL  chuq