Wasted Time And Wasted Money

For a couple of years I have been drawing attention to the stupid at the Pentagon when they wanted to replace the close combat support plane, A-10 Warthog, with a gold plated brick, the F-35……a plane that has had nothing but problems….and the list of problems is extensive…..here read the problems for yourself……

The F-35, which comes with an estimated $1.5 trillion pricetag over the life of the program, has faced numerous hurdles and delays. Most recently, there have been concerns over its computer systems’ vulnerability, and Chinese hackers have possibly stolen classified data related to the project.

The F-35’s construction has continued, and it is being manufactured across multiple states and different countries. For better or worse, it’s going to be the US and its allies’ main warplane for decades to come.

Source: Pentagon: Here are all the problems with the F-35 – Business Insider

But guess what?  The Air Force is not the only service that has a piece of crap for equipment……the Navy is having similar problems with their newest warship…..

When a branch of the US military starts rolling out a new pet project, it is rarely either cost effective or literally effective. The US Navy’s littoral combat ship (LCS) program is really underscoring that recently, with more ships breaking at seemingly random, meaning four nearly brand new ships have broken down in less than a year.

Just yesterday, the Navy discussed problems with its first LCS, the USS Freedom, which inexplicably was put out of commission back in July when seawater got into the engine and the oil system and started rusting things out. Limping back to home port, the USS Freedom now needs an engine replaced outright, with no timetable for the fix, or the cost.

Today, officials reported the USS Coronado, which only got commissioned back in 2014, has suffered an unspecified “engine casualty” and is struggling back to Pearl Harbor for repairs. It had just left Pearl Harbor on Friday.

That makes four LCS ships that have broken down in the past year, which is a pretty disastrous track record considering that even the oldest ship, the USS Freedom, was commissioned in late 2008, and the US only had a total of six active duty LCS ships in total.

The LCS is a product of the US Navy’s efforts, in the wake of the Cold War, to shift its priorities away from having more large capital ships than the Soviet Union toward just having a lot of stuff that floats about in the water, so they could have a nominal presence more or less anywhere.

The idea was that the LCS would be a low-cost, reliable ship for limited missions around coastlines, but the reality is that upkeep on the ships has been dramatically higher than initial estimates, and an LCS ends up costing more than a larger, and more combat-ready ship like a frigate.

Still, with several billion dollars sunk into the plan and the Navy’s priorities still squarely on quantity over quality, the LCS fleet is being constructed in earnest, even as the few already completed stumble back into the docks, because they didn’t do so great on the reliability front either.


The more we try to improve our equipment for our troops the more we screw up everything……what could possibly be the reason?

Defense contracts……it is about the bucks not the quality of the equipment….

Maybe they should adopt a new slogan…..”plan smarter….not cheaper”


15 thoughts on “Wasted Time And Wasted Money

  1. I am completely convinced this Oligarchy,.which explains our current affairs, does nothing unpurpose.

    We have now opened the door to disappearing trillions and billions like they are insignificant.

    I do know exactly when our taxes dollars became a Heads of State open check book. Example: Iraq surely we know why we went back, it was personal via Bush Family. e.g.; we will never know the real cost of this war, but again in the Trillions, what shocked me is Washington’s new spin on words.

    The Iraq issue was a (mishap) how can our men and women who served and died be a mishap? Or is he refering to the missing Sadam Gold.

    I am not a happy Camper one Presidential nominee through a foundation allocated and redistributed the Haitian Relief fund Billions. Who does that?

    I have read on the hiccups i.e.;another word- of our flawed Miliary issues. What I noticed and I mean no insult to our American scientist is they do not work well with the war platform.

    This became evident when we took all of Hitler’s Head Scientist and put them to work. Lethal.

    I am always pleased when another notices our short comings. I am not anti American, I to am an immigrant from Cuba 40 years ago.

    I just believe with all my heart it is time to shake up Washington like a pair of pants and most of its Geriatric people will fall. Dismantle, reform , those Lobbyist and politicians and justices for sale begone.

    I liked your article and shared.
    Thank you

    1. Thanx for the visit…I believe that criticism is NOT un-American…I appreciate you stopping by and hope you will make it on a regular basis…..chuq

    2. Leearango, enjoyed reading your reply, I totally agree with your suggestion that we upend those pants and shake out those geriatric people who have been running our country for so long, that they don’t know how to move our country forward into the 21st Century. They did their part, now let the newer generations do their part. We certainly need a fresher perspective; one more supportive of the majority of American citizens’ views.

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