The Millennial Revolt

Bernie has lost his position as the head of a progressive movement…he did that the minute he endorsed Clinton and quickly on his coat tails was Warren….all in the name of unity……balderdash….

Millennials come out hard for Bernie….and if the establishment thinks that these endorsements will appease these voters in the name of unity….then I do believe they are mistaken.

There was a hard campaign to discredit Bernie by the neolibs, mostly Clinton supporters who masqueraded as media pundits….but they may have played a dangerous game with these voters….

We have been told a story about the presidential candidacy of Senator Bernie Sanders, a story perpetuated almost exclusively by centrist Democrats vehemently opposed to his progressive agenda.

This story has many variants, but each features a central component: The Sanders campaign, the narrative goes, is merely masquerading as an ambitious political revolt dedicated to improving the material conditions of the public. In reality, contrary to its facade of progressivism, the Sanders campaign has largely served as a vehicle through which angry white males can freely express their fury at the expense of Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and the rest of the liberal political class.

Source: The Millennial Revolt Against Neoliberalism | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

These voters may well look for an alternative and I do not mean the Trump camp…..

After decades of silence the young have found their voice….they just need to keep shouting….do not them wear you down…..a better world is possible.

16 thoughts on “The Millennial Revolt

  1. The Millennials do not like home ownership or automobile ownership and they are abandoning churches for home religion services and they have no truck with their parent’s value system — Yes we are entering a new age of youthful irresponsibility and adventurism …. ought to be totally initeresting to see what kind of destructive forces they can unleash on all of society.

      1. That age of racial understanding that you are talking about was hallmarked by the murders of civil rights workers and of the slaying Emmit Till and fire hoses and vicious dogs and beatings and lynchings — if that is racial understanding then I have missed something in the use of the English Language somewhere along the way.

      2. Apparently you did….I am talking about the after years….there was understanding at least where I was at the time but then I was not living high on the hog….the division became more pronounce we started having politics of the absurd……that continues today.

  2. This is the precisely where Dr. Jill Stein could do the most damage to both Parties. She needs to assert her Platform and put out the Welcome Mat to every one of the BERNOUT’s gobsmacked Millennials. STRIKE will the FORCE is with her!!!

  3. Thank you for the heads up about writing about the Green Party soon.
    And, no I did not see that piece about the case here in Canada being thrown out. It is about time the RCMP was put in their place. They are akin to Terrorists in a way. We Canadians need to be ever present and very diligent when it comes to the RCMP. With the right fringe lunatic … the RCMP could turn us into a lunatic state similar to rise of: Muammar Gaddafi

      1. I am fairly certain we will not let that happen … not in my lifetime anyway.
        There is at least one chapter of my book dedicated to them … EPIC!
        No need to comment here because I will not be checking back on this one.
        Have a nice day!

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