It’s Getting Scarier

I wish I could be optimistic about the chances of the country with this election…..but I cannot see any light at the end of this “militaristic” tunnel…….and that applies to whoever gets the nod from the voters.

I’ve finally figured out why so many pundits and journalists are signing on to the new cold war with Russia: they weren’t alive during the last one. They have no memory of the Cuban missile crisis, they didn’t grow up in the era of backyard bomb shelters: for them, Fail Safe and On the Beach […]

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All we can do is pray for some sanity….we definitely cannot vote for sanity….those days are long gone.

9 thoughts on “It’s Getting Scarier

  1. Never mind..we have now got 600 new militarized police on patrol in London…Our CT Specialist Firearms Officers are trained to the highest level to keep #London safe and confront threats……..New Out Today!
    Make No Mistake About Where This War on Terrorism is Leading Us… Straight Into Totalitarianism!
    Hahaha…..just so the locals feel safe…. grin

      1. It Is All A Plan….. we are ripping the piss here… least the more enlightened ones are…Wot Fun!
        It is the only way…..I am about to have a right dig at the Metroplitan police …hahaha

      2. Oh,heed my words….ya could not make it up!
        Stabbing the very next day…1 dead and 5 injured…well well well…wot next nastiness will ‘the plan’ think of next…?
        Meanwhile the people are snoring and putting the blame on you know who… much for the Metropolitan police and their armoury…….more build up of policing with guns coming soon… the people will feel safe…yeah right! Stoke the Fire of Fear.
        This is getting beyond a joke…..
        morning chuq…

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