Lurching Toward World War III

I know this may sound like one of those lovely vid games that the soul-less play…..but not this time….

With an election looming on the horizon and with all the chaos in the world…it is only a matter of time…..

These days there is a wealth of conspiracies about what will happen in the near future…..and of course as always there is a wealth of culprits that bring about the end as we know it…..some of the theories are just that lunatic mumbling from knuckle draggers…..there is always a group no mater the times that will bring about the end of our beloved civilization…..

I have writing about the possibility for a World War 3….there is some much hatred out there that it could be any day….the Middle East or South China Sea or Eastern Europe or Russia of even the lowly North Koreans… much happening and so little time……

Anti-Russian hysteria has reached extraordinary levels in Official Washington with heated allegations about Russia hacking Democratic Party emails, but this over-the-top “group think” threatens the world’s future, explains John Chuckman.

When did America’s establishment ever discuss, in elections or at other times, issues of war and peace for the people’s understanding and consent? Virtually never. There was no mandate for Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, or a dozen other conflicts.

Of course, once a war gets going, there is a tendency for Americans to close ranks with flags and ribbons and slogans such as “Support our troops” and “Love it or leave it.” The senior leaders know this psychological pattern, and they count on it, every time.

Source: Lurching Toward World War III – Consortiumnews

When indeed?

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10 thoughts on “Lurching Toward World War III

  1. Did You Know that the term conspiracy theorist was popularized by the CIA? The term was used to stop critical thinkers from asking questions about the JFK assassination. In a memo called Countering Criticism of the Warren Report the CIA set out to make the term a weapon against anyone who questioned the governments secret activities and programmes.
    check it out.

    1. “The senior leaders know this psychological pattern, and they count on it, every time”

      1. Hahahaha….good one! don’t ya just get sick of crap…f*k me,how many times a day do they have to serve it?

    1. I would go along with that… is rather like watching a road accident about to happen and yet no one sees it but you……damn foresight.

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