Yet More 9/11 Stuff

Let’s be honest….you thought you have heard just about everything that could be printed on the 9/11 incident that turn the world upside down, right?

Maybe not so much?  There seems to be 28 pages of the official 9/11 report that has been kept from the public and the media since 2003……but that could be about to change.

What could possibly be so important that it must stay classified after all these years?

As former Florida Sen. Bob Graham told 60 Minutes on Sunday, he’s been on a quest since 2003. His mission: Get the so-called “28 pages”—classified pages from a congressional report that are said to detail suspected Saudi Arabian support given to the 9/11 attackers—brought out from the guarded vault in which they are reportedly kept. Graham sees the pages as a “key part” to understanding a scenario he tells 60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft is “implausible”: that 19 non-English speaking foreigners, most with little education, “could’ve carried out such a complicated task.” In Graham’s view, that points to the existence of people (specifically, Saudis) who must have lent the hijackers support in the lead-up to the attacks. Kroft asks if the suspected Saudi involvement encompasses the government, rich people, or charities. “All of the above,” says Graham.

The 60 Minutes report is a timely one, with President Obama—who the Daily Beast reports has twice vowed to declassify the 28 pages excised from the report by the Bush administration—a little more than a week away from visiting Saudi Arabia. The Beast observes that the pages potentially weigh heavily on the ability of 9/11 victims’ families to go after the Saudis in court. The feds say sovereign immunity shields the Saudis, and the Saudis themselves point to one sentence in the report that seemingly absolves senior Saudi officials from playing a role. But that sentence is “not an exoneration,” says former Sen. Bob Kerrey. “We did not, with this report, exonerate the Saudis.” Kerrey is one of the few who have read the 28 pages, which 60 Minutes likens to “a grand jury or police report” containing both verified and unverified evidence that hijackers living in Southern California had help from the Saudis.

Could the US be protecting the Saudi royal’s asses?  My guess is yes….we always protect them from criticism and accountability.


9 thoughts on “Yet More 9/11 Stuff

  1. No matter how one FEELS about the events of that day, it must be admitted that as a military exercise, it was an absolutely brilliantly conceived attack, carried out with fair precision (there were, obviously, some glitches apparent, from an operational standpoint). That said, it seems clear to me, with my background in military science, there were FAR more than just 19 semi-educated martyrs, (who are generally lower level combatants, easily manipulable into becoming suicidal weapons) involved in the operation. Given the Saudi royal family, in part, was IN D.C. when it happened seems to lend some credence to these suggested events. An operation of that complexity isn’t completed JUST by those martyrs; they are only the last in line. Somebody had to plan it, fund it, and oversee it, and THEY are still alive, possibly still working in clandestine operations somewhere.

    All THAT said, I have to say, I’ve always felt the whole thing had the “look and feel” of a classic CIA black operation, such as were common during the reign of GHW Bush as its head. Since, when it happened, the junior Shrub was on the verge of being exposed for election fraud (which got forgotten in the light of the attack), the timing always seemed to me to be rather suspicious. But, then, I’m not titled as ‘dubious’ for nothing.

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. It was a brilliant operation…..the Saudis believe the whole thing that is preached by AQ/ISIS…in fact they started the thought process back in the 1800’s I believe….chuq

  2. I kknow it is probably just a weird coincidence and has nothing to do with the truth, but the presence of some of the Saudi Royals in D.C. (Or wherever they were) at the time of the Twin Tower attacks reminded me of the Japanese Ambassador being in D.C. when the Pearl Harbor attack took place. He was here talking about peace when the attack was going on. I am still amazed at how fast those Saudis were shuttled out of the country once the 911 attacks took place. What was that all about? Like I said … weird!

    1. Yeah! With every single aircraft in North America grounded, those motherfuckers somehow got bumped right to the front of the lengthy departure lounge line-up…and without so much as a little friendly questioning in exchange for the privilege…never mind being taken to Gitmo & being tortured like so many others were.

      Just why did they all have to get away so fast? Documents back home to shred? Loose ends to eliminate?

  3. ” … 19 semi-educated martyrs, (who are generally lower level combatants, easily manipulable into becoming suicidal weapons) involved in the operation.. . .” (Careful now, folks … let us not forget our political correctness here … gotta remain respectful … blah! blah! blah!

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