The Middle East: Let’s End America’s Hopeless War

Our country’s longest war is unwinnable, and we have more important things to do.  It is time to end these massive wastes of personnel and money….It has been 15 years and 13 years respectively and the US is NO closer to the original intent in to which we entered into these conflicts.

At what point will the American people realize what a waste all these wars are and just what could be accomplished in this country with the funds that we waste daily.

A hundred years ago, the armies of World War I fought to a bloody stalemate on the Western Front and desperately searched for ways to break it and gain an edge. They field-tested tanks and poison gas, rolling barrages and storm-trooper tactics. Today, the United States is stuck in an analogous stalemate in the Middle East and Islamic world in general. And we are field-testing all manner of novelties, much like the great armies of Europe mired in the trenches: the so-called Revolution in Military Affairs and counterinsurgency, precision-guided munitions and unmanned aerial vehicles, not to mention such passing fancies as “overwhelming force,” “shock and awe,” and “air occupation.”

Yet as was the case a century ago, the introduction of some new battlefield technique does not necessarily signify progress. On the contrary, it only deepens the stalemate.

Source: The Middle East: Let’s End America’s Hopeless War – POLITICO Magazine

I am an unashamed anti-war supporter and the longer these conflicts continue the more US troops will die and the more money that will be wasted on them, the wars not the troops… is time to wash our hands of these conflicts and come home and do the right things for the people of this country.

12 thoughts on “The Middle East: Let’s End America’s Hopeless War

  1. SIGH… Sadly, my friend, your wish is only a dream. Do you really think the people who are making billions of dollars by keeping the world in conflict will allow anything to jeopardize that profit? At this point, I don’t believe there is a government in the entire world that can alter any of that scenario, for they are ripe to be manipulated, as long as anyone still places any credence in the concept of ‘nationalism’, or any sort of division between people.

    Only by refusing to acknowledge the importance of being part of a group, different in any way from other humans, whether religious, national, or racial, will our species ever have a chance at peace. As long as they believe in money, or a god, or a country, we will have no peace, for all of those are ego-driven desires, and only lead us further away from our true nature as part of the ecosystem of this planet.

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. So true…there were some of us that tried, in vane, to point out just how ignorant it was… listened and now we cannot remove ourselves no matter how we try, chuq

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