“Unrealistic” Candidates and the Prophetic Tradition

I have to be honest….I am enjoying the theatrics in this election on both sides…..it is better than watching a hockey game with all the body blows.

I am fascinated by the media’s fixation on the Dem side and the super-delegates….a worthless bit of reporting….but that is what I have come to expect from the MSM.

My favorite one was recently when MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, a reporter with a significant amount of experience asked a Sanders supporter…..”Your candidate has accused Cliton of selling her soul to Wall Street…..do you believe she actually has sold her soul?”

Sorry that alone illustrates the total lack of accurate reporting that is occurring in the media.

Meanwhile back to the super-delegate thing…….

I should say right away that this is no brief for the Sanders candidacy. I am sympathetic to both sides of the discussion. I myself am a realist. 

But I am also highly intrigued by the “unrealistic” meme in Democratic Party politics these days. Secretary Clinton has leaned heavily on this meme in response to her crushing defeat in Wisconsin. 

I am old enough to have been politically active when the Democrats put their superdelegate scheme into effect: the Hunt Commission’s report and all that. The year was 1984, and the new crop of convention superdelegates that year ensured that Jimmy Carter’s loyal VP, Walter Mondale, a loyal party regular, secured the party nomination and blocked Gary Hart’s insurgent campaign (which Hart himself, needless to say, had also helped to sabotage).

Source: “Unrealistic” Candidates and the Prophetic Tradition – LA Progressive

It is fun!  This circus is far from over and there is still plenty of time for antics and drama…..enough to keep us all amused until November when we will have voters withdrawal.

6 thoughts on ““Unrealistic” Candidates and the Prophetic Tradition

  1. And in regards to the current GOP parking lot carnival:

    “Several high-profile Republicans might skip GOP National Convention”. Evidently, if MSM can be believed; (i’m being a sheeple again and not doing my own investigating) “it makes more sense to spend time with voters back home rather than be associated with the drama engulfing their party.”

    REALLY PER USUAL BUT POSSIBLE MORE SO THIS TIME; this whole process has been a zoo and most of us are trained monkeys. dru

    1. Excellent, another excuse to say “Jeb!”

      Low energy candidate, Jeb! Bush has announced that he doesn’t have the energy to show up to the convention this year. He’s passing on giving a podium speech in favour of a…..er…..something? Stamp collection?

      Idiot can’t even bother to show up & lobby the establishment to appoint him as their candidate. Which one is the “smart” brother again?

      Jeb 2016!

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