U.S. Spy Net on Israel Snares Congress

There is so much more happening in the world than the “one trick pony” thinking of most people…..and who better to point these out than….ME!

Okay I admit it….I was appalled to hear that the NSA was spying on just about everyone…..but then I read something that made me think about the whole spying on foreign “allies” thing.

The National Security Agency’s targeting of Israeli leaders also swept up the content of private conversations with U.S. lawmakers.

Source: U.S. Spy Net on Israel Snares Congress – WSJ

Some will be up in arms about this but me….. I am not at all….you see the Congress reps the people and in as such there is no privacy when dealing with foreign “allies”……if these people are making side deals with others countries then it is a crime…..

Were some members of Congress working as agents of the Israeli government?  If so, time for some prosecutions.  Anyone that knowingly works against the interests of the country is due for some court time.  Personally, I think that all of them should be drawn and quartered for wasting taxpayer funds……but that is just me….I would be happy if someone embarrassed these twats publicly…..I have the feeling that will not occur…..oh well….wishful thinking.

Before anyone gets all testy and stuff….Israel has been spying on the US for decades….so in my opinion, fair is fair…….what’s the old saying…..”if you cannot stand the heat then stay out of the kitchen”…..Mr. BiBi.

That is it for now…..please return your head to the sand….I will wake you up later.

Turn The Page!

4 thoughts on “U.S. Spy Net on Israel Snares Congress

  1. Hahaha….
    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is a proverb.
    It means that without time off from work, a person becomes both bored and boring.
    Turn the page chuq….
    where are your LOL?
    You might kick my ass if I put my head back in the sand!
    I dunna wanna wake up…..
    zzzzzzzz baaaa bleeet baaaaaa bleeet zzzzzzzz

  2. Dear chuq, grin
    And wot is this?
    Not another bloody Muslim cleric….
    How frightfully civilized!
    …said with a Brit accent…
    Nur Elita, an Acehnese woman, screams during caning as part of her sentence in the… http://uk.reuters.com/news/picture/editors-choice?articleId=UKRTX20DYC&slideId=1105619052 … via @ReutersUK
    It’s those clerics again in the name of?
    And wots more it ain’t in the middle east….
    Been too long with my head buried in the ‘laptop’
    Ostrich positions

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