Getting Smaller All The Time

Another one bites the dust…..yep the GOP has lost yet another candidate…..he was not misplaced and for the most part very few people even knew who he is or that he was an actually candidate……

Say good-bye to George of the “Kiddie Table” debates…….Who?  Exactly!

And then there were 12: George Pataki is dropping out of the presidential race, reports the New York Times. The reason is pretty clear: The former New York governor was averaging 0% in national polls and never once qualified for the main debate stage, reports Politico. The Washington Post also observes that his big moments—upsetting Mario Cuomo in New York in 1994 and leading his home state after the 9/11 attacks—were well in the past. Also not helping: The 70-year-old hasn’t held office since 2006, and he is pro-choice, backs gun control, and champions compromise across party lines, putting him out of step with leading rivals in the GOP. Pataki told his supporters of his decision Tuesday, and made it official in a Tuesday night announcement.

“While tonight I suspend my campaign for president, I am confident we can elect the right person,” he said.

I wish I could be magnanimous and say that he will be missed….but since few know who he is…….it would be an outright lie….

Okay…..anyone like to predict the next GOP wannabe to drop the “campaign suspension” bomb?

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