Your Illusion Of Choice

Readers know what I think of the MSM…..that it controls every aspect of our lives….instead of news it force feeds its consumers with speculation and sensationalism…….

So the question is……do we as consumers of news have a real choice?


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Reporters no longer search for the truth in the news……the best we can say is that they are mercenary….sell themselves to the highest bidder…….

Can you dig it?

26 thoughts on “Your Illusion Of Choice

  1. For all the right-wing outcry over “liberal media,” the reality is what you’ve noted — it’s corporate, i.e. capitalist, media that offends them. You’d think they’d be lauding it.

    1. Right wingers tickle me with their lame slogans and one liners….that does NOTHING for the debate and to me they look just silly and ignorant….chuq

      1. Haha! Good One….
        In the meantime I am off to vent my rage at Wahhabism..
        I am also reincarnating Vlad the Impaler
        to assist me to skewer the Fat Saudi Sheikies…
        signing off….
        The Suffragette.

  2. Long Live Trumpy…..
    Keeps me thoroughly entertained…..
    You spawned him…
    and Murdoch…..
    Sell your grandmother to the highest bidder!

  3. Meanwhile, how are the sale of deck chairs going?
    A contrived ‘arty’ setting don’t fool me….
    Have a great weekend!
    your Brit. P.C Follower…

  4. Life is always more fun when Lady P. chimes in! 😆 ROTFLMAO!

    All correct, of course, if not PC. (god forbid; She hates PC…. god, I mean….)

    Gotta love cartoons for shrinking 10,000 words into one picture….

    gigoid, the dubious


    1. Glad to be of service gigoid the dubious..and you chuq….
      It is true I do hate PC….though not in the way some mean…I find it an infringement on my free speech..
      I will not be dictated to by no one….
      I censure myself enough as it is….grin
      Most of the time…I fear the sentiments that stops me saying..
      ‘What a load of bollocks!’
      Coz ya see……the way I see it…is that most people should learn to be a bit more thick skinned and believe in themselves instead of crying out….’you have hurt my sensitivities’…
      most of the time it is their ego and their religion…
      get real,so life ain’t sweet..
      so whats new?

  5. Expanding on what I posted elsewhere here, the illusion of choice is what the 2015 component of the 2016 marathon is all about. The Walking Circle that goes on for all of 2015 is meant to get you watching the pre-game show of their horse race coverage…AND conning you into thinking these are actual choices. They aren’t.

    1) They all spout nearly identical bullshit. And most of it is exactly that, bullshit designed to sell the product. What you’ll get may hold no resemblance to what you thought you were choosing. The worthless media will swallow whatever the candidates spew out, as if they actually mean it. They’ll let almost anything stand unchallenged, so the candidates can say all kinds of shit they don’t mean. In that strange way, there’s probably more choice than it seems. You just don’t get to see it.

    The process itself breeds harmonization, especially considering how long it takes. Just put a bunch of chronic gum-flappers together in a room long enough and they’ll all come out saying the same thing. The only difference is how they LOOK while saying it. And because the process is so ludicrously expensive, they all need to suck a Sugar Daddy’s cock to afford to run. Sugar Daddy’s think pretty much alike, so all their candidates sound alike.

    In addition, candidates are targeting a VERY small demographic of voters with a narrow range of opinions. They spend a year courting Republicans/Democrats voters from Iowa. They’re targeting half of the 50% who vote. But far fewer than that 50% vote in Primaries) Let’s say it’s 50% of 50% of 50% (That’s about 12.5% , right? Now factor in Iowa. This is a state with less than 1% of voters and a state with not a lot of…uh…demographic, or political, diversity. So what’s 1% of 12.5%? (0.125% of America.)

    2) Most of them won’t be around when you’re actually allowed to make the so-called choice. This is why all the freak-show horses control the microphone in the year before the race starts. They aren’t supposed to be around in 2016. They’re just there to give people the illusion of choice….not an ACTUAL choice (Or at least as much choice as these ass-clowns/ass-clones are capable of giving.) For example, black Republicans. Just look at how many times they’ve gotten “serious” treatment. Probably almost as many as there are black Republicans in Iowa. (Alan Keyes 1996, 2000, 2008; Herman 999 Cain 2012; Droopy Dog Carson 2016)

    3) Voters have very little role in actual voting. Because so candidates actually make it to the Iowa Starting Gate, the choice even Iowa voters thought they had is reduced. But because SO much of this revolves around Iowa & New Hampshire, it’s a heavily front-loaded process.

    In the post WW2 Era, only a small minority of Primary races continue past Super Tuesday. Some don’t even make it that far. That means that, for the vast majority of voters, the race you were eagerly anticipating participating in will be declared OVER before you get to vote.

    1. I am a fan of a national primary….make it a national holiday and then the winner gets 4 months to campaign and then the election and it can be over…chuq

      1. In a way, because it’s all so front-loaded, piddling Iowa & New Hampshire have become National Primaries. The rest of the Primaries have been reduced to “run-off” Primaries, in case a clear “winner” hasn’t been determined…with only about 1% of the votes cast!!! How states like California & NY can sit back and have their issues & opinions regularly ignored in favour of absolute nobody states is beyond me.

        I just love how everybody in-the-know can so confidently declare races “over” with so few ballots counted. During this year’s Canadian election marathon (a whopping 78 days in length!) I actually saw a race that didn’t involve a VIP declared on the results of just TWO polling stations. The lead was about 20 votes with 90+% of polling stations still to report. It’s possible more voters’ cars broke down on the way to the voting booth than the size of that lead. Nobody ever heard of Yogi Berra???

        It’s as if it’s all….predetermined! 😉

      2. Yep the US media tells us what to do, who to vote for and who will win…..and they wonder why only 50% of the people are engaged…..chuq

      3. If ONLY it was because people actually understood how badly the system is rigged and had lost faith. Unfortunately, it’s not.

        Truth is, it’s total apathy. This is a society full of mindless, ultra-shallow, consumer bots who can barely string sentences together, let alone think out complex policies. They don’t want to participate in anything that isn’t sheer self-gratification. They have no interest in anything remotely meaningful, or important. Most iDiots can’t put down their fucking phones long enough to cast a ballot. Hell, most don’t even put their phones down when they cast a #2!!!!

        I’m actually rather stunned 50% still vote. Mind you, most of them are utterly fucking clueless and only do it because “that’s what you’re supposed to do”. They want to keep their delusional self-image of being a “good person” alive. If not for that…

        And if not for the presence of a woman and a celebrity, I would expect a 2016 turnout of around 40%.

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