Take This Crap And Shove It!

I read this piece over at my friend at “The Militant Negro” and found it a fascinating turn of situations…..

It appears that Americans are abandoning a sinking ship more quickly than normal….Americans are giving up their citizenship….but why?

Two main reasons:

The first group consists of people who just can’t take it anymore. Constant warfare, intimidation, and the steady erosion of freedom have pushed them to their breaking points.

They look around and think, “This is NOT the country that I grew up in.” And they renounce their citizenship in protest of a government they no longer want to be associated with…….(read more)…….

Source: Americans renouncing US citizenship soars to yet another record high | The Militant Negro™

An interesting stat that we have heard NOTHING about…..apparently the MSM does not want us to know that these people are out there…..or the reasons they want to leave.

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