What Happened Last Night?

It was the night of the first Dem debate…….the attack of the horseless headsman………how did the group of 5 do?

It was a yawn if you are not a political geek….but it was more informative than the two GOP debates have been……

The media is reporting the night like this……

After a rocky few months for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, she needed a strong debate performance on Tuesday night—and it looks like she knocked it out of the park. Here’s what the pundits are saying:

  • “This was the best two hours of her candidacy to date,” decides Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post, praising a “confident, relaxed, and good-natured” performance that won the debate by a mile. He notes that she was “aggressive from the start,” going after Bernie Sanders for his past votes on guns and saying it is time the US “stood up against the NRA.”
  • Clinton “crushed it,” according to Shane Goldmacher at Politico, who writes that she summarized her candidacy in one line: “I’m a progressive. But I’m a progressive who likes to get things done.” Another standout line, in response to Sanders’ praise of Scandinavian-style democratic socialism: “We are not Denmark. I love Denmark. We are the United States of America.”
  • Clinton easily sidestepped most attacks, including criticism of her 2002 vote in favor of the Iraq war, writes Josh Voorhees at Slate. “I recall very well being on a debate stage, I think, about 25 times with then–Sen. Obama debating this very issue,” she said. “After the election, he asked me to become secretary of state.” She also deflected Martin O’Malley’s accusation that she was too quick to use military force, Voorhees notes. “I was very pleased when Gov. O’Malley endorsed me for president in 2008 and I enjoyed his strong support in that campaign,” she said.
  • Sanders had his moments, but his focus on income inequality was so intense it “made him sound like a one-note candidate,” according to Frank Bruni at the New York Times. Bruni and other analysts say that Sanders’ best moment was when he defended Clinton, saying people are “sick and tired of hearing about the damn emails.”
  • None of the other three candidates on stage got anything close to the breakout moment they needed. Amanda Marcotte at Salon declares Jim Webb the biggest loser for his “petulant” complaining about not getting enough time to speak, while Cillizza at the Post thinks Lincoln Chafee had a “genuinely awful” night turning in one of the worst debate answers ever when asked to explain his vote in favor of repealing the Glass-Steagall financial regulation act.

Three of the five are wasting time and money…..there were no breakouts……Clinton and Sanders are one and two…..it will stay this way until someone makes a screw up…..

Anyone want to go for pancakes?

16 thoughts on “What Happened Last Night?

  1. My friend, I’d say, at any particular moment in time, pancakes would be infinitely preferable to making me listen to any of the crap coming out of ANY of the mouths involved in this election…

    Bring on the whipped cream and syrup… fuck the politics…. They’re all crazy anyway….

    gigoid, the dubious

      1. Mmmm, yeah! I like it with butter melted into the syrup, the old-fashioned decadent method; only takes eating it twice to need insulin….

  2. Had to add…. This one got me…

    “I recall very well being on a debate stage, I think, about 25 times with then–Sen. Obama debating this very issue,” she said. “After the election, he asked me to become secretary of state.”

    Ooh, ooh! Are you as impressed as I am? What an endorsement! The most insane woman alive is crowing arrogance about being picked by the world’s (currently) most skillful liar to run a department whose sole purpose has become the advancement of American business interests, making it sound as if it is actually something in her favor….

    See? Haven’t I been telling y’all THEY ARE ALL FUCKING INSANE!….

    1. All the more reason to rip the piss out of them……gigoid the dubios..that way u get to laugh at your own cleverness…skin them ALIVE I say!….old Chinese practice?
      Help me out someone…grin

      1. Oh, the skinning was the Apache; they called it The Death of a Thousand Cuts…. In the desert, they would build a fire, suspend their victim over it and make small cuts all over the body… then wait & listen to the screams until the person bled out, or was overcome by the heat… whereupon they’d toss a bucket of water on them, cut a few more times then stake them out on an anthill…

        Nice folks, those Apaches….


      2. Yep…..but sometimes the results were well deserved…..wait! I pictured Huckabee over a fire with BBQ sauce….LOL

    2. Yes they are……she will say whatever it takes to win…..she also sez that she can reach across the aisle….but why> As dysfunctional as DC is what good would a reach do?

      1. Exactly; a matter of Tweedldum reaching out to Tweedledee… and the American public thinks both of them make perfect sense….

        SIGH… There are many times each day when I despair for humans…. Such brilliance, covered completely in shit….

  3. Personally Clinton is my favourite candidate so far, although I know this is somewhat of a contentious point of view. I dismiss the Republican candidates entirely because I feel like their views on foreign policy, social issues (particularly regarding gender and women’s rights) and trade policies are rather regressive (protectionism has proven again and again to be ineffective and causes stagnation of an industry, and yet they still trot out the same tired old narrative about other countries taking advantage of the US).

    Between Clinton and Sanders, I prefer Clinton partially because of my own personal bias because she’s a woman, which I will freely admit. However, the fact that Sanders is Jewish raises some concern for me because of his views on Israel, which are sure to be biased because of it, and his very pro-Israel slant has been made very visible. Although I doubt that there will ever be an American president who can openly go against Israel, I liked Obama’s stance regarding Israel – it was clear he regarded it somewhat as a necessary evil, both to maintain the US presence in the Middle East as well as to appease voters, although his personal reservations about Israel and Netanyahu were also made abundantly clear.

    In addition, Sanders’ very radical and socialist economic views worry me because they have the potential to upset the status quo, which has been very good for my country. In a sense Clinton is a safe choice because she will not ‘rock the boat’, so to speak. Sanders’ plans all involve increasing government spending by trillions of dollars, adding to an already huge budget deficit in the government. A more equitable progressive tax system is needed, yes, but I personally believe that the money should go towards paying off the US national debt rather than spending on other things. It’s nice to promise all sorts of new things, but it’s also necessary to remember that the 2016 president will inherit a system under great strain (although Obama has tried his best to fix it – why does no one seem to remember that he inherited a system that was broken because of Bush? All things considered Obama has done a fairly good job).

    1. I am not a Clinton fan because I feel she will continue some of the policies of her hubby…..it was his bright idea to kill Glass-Steagall which help cause the crash of ’08…….but I will support her over any Republican….no American has any idea of foreign policy that does not involve the military and the use of force….that is sad….thanx for the comment always a pleasure……chuq

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