Why Is Israel Protected By The Media?

I have always asked this question…..the media will report every attack by a Palestinian on a Jew down to the minute detail and they overlook all the death that is caused by the IDF….why is that?

This report just yesterday is what I am talking about…..

Two Palestinian men boarded a bus in Jerusalem and began shooting and stabbing passengers, while another assailant rammed a car into a bus station before stabbing bystanders, in near-simultaneous attacks Tuesday that escalated a monthlong wave of violence. Three Israelis and an attacker were killed. The Jerusalem attacks, along with two stabbings in central Israeli city Raanana, marked the most serious outbreak of violence in the current round of tensions. More than 15 people were wounded, many seriously. The violence, coming at a time when peace prospects appear nil, have fueled a sense of panic in Israel and raised fears that the region is on the cusp of a new round of heavy violence. Police closed major highways in and out of Jerusalem, while PM Benjamin Netanyahu called an emergency meeting of his Security Cabinet.

A police rep said a number of immediate steps were under consideration, including sealing off Arab neighborhoods in east Jerusalem, where many attackers have come from, and making it easier to get gun licenses. Some government ministers have called for even more dramatic measures. The Israeli military says hundreds of Palestinian protesters in Gaza gathered Tuesday near the Israeli border and threw stones and burning tires toward Israeli positions. The army says it is using “riot dispersal means” against the crowd. Israeli security officials said Tuesday’s seemingly coordinated attacks indicated the outburst of violence was starting to take on a more organized fashion; they said Israel expects the current wave to last at least a few more weeks.

This made the headlines in the West…..but this list never made to the same “reliable” news sources…….

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Since 01 October the Israelis have killed 24 from Palestine……including 8 children…..and injured 1000+ protesters……Where is the outrage and the news reports on these unfortunate people?

And then there is the price Palestinian women have paid……..

  • At least 535 women have been killed by Israeli occupying forces (IOF) since 29 September 2000.
  • Since 1967, about 10,000 women have been arrested or detained by the IOF; 25 women are currently prisoners. There are 5621 total prisoners, leaving many women to serve as head of household.
  • 48,488 structures have been demolished by Israel since 1967, displacing scores of women.
  • Women are not sheltered from the current deteriorating situation in the OPT. Since 15 September, the IOF has killed at least 4 women, injured 7 and detained 4, while extremist settlers have assaulted at least 4 women.

– See more at: http://palestineun.org/fact-sheet-the-state-of-palestines-women-under-occupation/#sthash.giLbHcFY.jYI0TJD7.dpuf

Why does the MSM protect Israel from criticism?  Is there something they would like to tell the American people about this protection?  I am beginning to believe part of some past accusations could be correct……

This man should be on a wanted poster……

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Here is a wild idea for Israel…..give all Palestinians the equal arms and fight it out….no planes only a coward fights from planes….

I know it is a laugh……why would Israel give up its advantage when trying to eliminate an ethnic group, right?

Speaking of cowards…….Please do not get me started on the USS Liberty incident!

8 thoughts on “Why Is Israel Protected By The Media?

  1. Good one!
    That reminds me the Taliban, god bless their souls, said they preferred fighting the Russians…I heard they used to ‘skin’ them…Who knows…They called the Yanks cowards because they wld not fight hand to hand…they had a point. ViVa Drones! 😦
    Dang, my humour gets sicker by the day!

      1. Hey! Any thoughts of skinning Trump or Blondie ? Clinton 2 U…..grin

  2. They will make their way to America sooner or later and begin boarding buses here. I have no doubt of this. Our open door immigration policy will cause it to happen and when we refuse to remove more pews from more chapels they will start stabbing and shooting us as well.

      1. John, I will worry when there is something to worry about….what about the Christians in the refugees are they as dangerous?

      2. The Trojan Horse has come through the gates but has not opened it’s doors yet. We have to wait and see. I do not think we need to be sleeping confidently without posting some kind of guard at the base of the horse, however.

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