2019 Democratic Debate #4

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Last night was the 4th Dem debate of the 2020 season….for the first time a limited number of candidates were on the stage thanx to the underhanded qualifications set by the DNC in their attempt to keep most candidates from participating…..12 candidates will be there to include my favorite (for now)…Tulsi Gabbard.

All in all this debate was boring…..about as exciting as watching flies mate….

No one broke out so the polls will stay on the same page after the event…../let’s go to the analysis……

A dozen Democrats are onstage at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio for the largest presidential primary in American history. Frontrunners Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders are at center stage at the CNN/New York Times debate. Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Andrew Yang, Cory Booker, Tulsi Gabbard, Tom Steyer, and Julian Castro are also present, and the AP notes that this is likely to be the last debate for several of them. The first question went to Elizabeth Warren, who was asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper whether the electorate, not lawmakers conducting impeachment proceedings, should decide President Trump’s fate. She said impeachment “must go forward” to send a message to future presidents about America’s values. More:

  • All 12 candidates were in favor of impeachment, the Guardian reports. “As a former prosecutor, I know a confession when I see it,” Harris said of Trump’s comments on his Ukraine phone call. Asked whether impeachment would distract Democrats from other tasks, Klobuchar said: “We can do two things at once.”
  • Booker, asked if he could be fair during an impeachment trial in the Senate, said “this has got to be about patriotism, not partisanship,” reports the New York Times.
  • Biden, asked about his son Hunter’s business activities overseas while he was vice president, said: “My son did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I carried out the policy of the United States government in rooting out corruption in Ukraine.” He said Trump was falsely accusing him of corruption because he knows that in a general election, “I will beat him like a drum.”
  • Asked whether her Medicare for All plan would raise taxes on the middle class, Warren said she wouldn’t sign a bill that raised costs for the middle class, NBC reports. After Buttigieg said it was “A yes-or-no question that didn’t get a yes-or-no answer,” she fired back, saying his plan is “Medicare for all who can afford it.” Sanders, who “wrote the damn bill,” said it was “appropriate to acknowledge taxes will go up.”
  • Christopher Groskopf at FiveThirtyEight notes that Warren is being targeted by many of her rivals. “However, in doing so they are giving her way more time to respond than anyone else.”
  • Harris raised the issue of women’s reproductive rights, saying it hasn’t come up a single time in the previous debates. “People need to keep their hands off of women’s bodies and let them make decisions about their own lives,” she said.
  • During a discussion of automation and job losses, Yang again made the case for a universal basic income. People “do not want to work for the federal government,” he said after Sanders defended his federal jobs guarantee.
  • Sanders and Steyer—the only billionaire onstage—both agreed on the need for a wealth tax to combat income inequality, which Sanders called a “moral and economic outrage.” “The corporations have bought our government,” Steyer said.
  • Biden, asked about Trump’s withdrawal of troops from northern Syria, said it was “the most shameful thing” any president in modern history has done on foreign policy.
  • Gabbard, a military veteran, called for an end to the “regime change war.” Buttigieg, also a veteran, told her she was “dead wrong” to advocate abandoning US allies. He said what kept him safe as a soldier was the fact that people knew the US keeps it word, the Times reports.
  • Castro got a big round of applause when he referred to reports of ISIS prisoners escaping during the Turkish offensive against the Kurds and said: “This president is caging kids at the border, and letting ISIS prisoners go free.”
  • A lighter moment: When Biden pointed to his right, where Sanders was standing. while discussing Vladimir Putin, Sanders said: “Are you suggesting I’m Vladimir Putin?” They laughed and embraced. Biden slammed Trump’s dealing with Putin, calling Trump a “crazy, erratic president who knows not a damn thing about foreign policy,” the Guardian reports.
  • O’Rourke and Buttigieg clashed over gun control after O’Rourke was pressed on how he would enforce his mandatory gun buyback program. After O’Rourke called him a “poll-tested politician,” Buttigieg told him: “I don’t need lessons from you on courage, political or personal.”
  • Warren pointed out that gun violence isn’t just mass shooters, but violence in the home, while Castro brought up the shooting of Atatiana Jefferson in Fort Worth and said the gun issue also includes police violence.\
  • On the opioids crisis, Klobuchar said she would force producers of medications to pay the costs of the epidemic. Yang called the epidemic “a disease of capitalism run amok.”
  • When moderator Erin Burnett announced that the next question would be on “candidates and their health,” Sanders, who had a heart attack two weeks ago, said “I’m feeling great” and addressed the opioids question, saying the predatory behavior of companies shows the need for a “political revolution.” The 78-year-old invited anybody concerned about whether he could handle the stress of the presidency to his upcoming rally in Queens, New York. Biden, 76, promised to release his medical records “before Iowa,” adding: “I’m the only guy that’s released anything up here!”
  • Warren, 70, said she “will outwork, out-organize, and outlast anyone, and that includes Donald Trump, Mike Pence, or whoever the Republicans get stuck with.”
  • Yang argued against breaking up big tech companies, saying doing so would not “revive main street businesses around the country,” ABC reports. Warren disagreed, saying she wasn’t willing to let monopolies rule the country and we need to “enforce our antitrust laws, break up these giant companies that are dominating big tech, big pharma, big oil, all of them.”
  • On abortion, Klobuchar had a message for the president: ” You, Donald Trump, are not on the side of women.” She pledged to codify Roe vs. Wade into federal law. Booker called for establishing an Office of Reproductive Freedom.
  • Warren said the establishment of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was among her achievements, Biden pointed out that he helped secure the votes for it. “I got you votes!” he shouted. The Guardian reports that there were “gasps in the press room” when Warren, asked to respond, said she was grateful to Barack Obama for making the bureau a reality.
  • In the final question, Cooper asked candidates to describe a friendship that would “surprise us.” Gabbard named former Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy. “I don’t see deplorables, I see fellow Americans,” she said of people she disagrees with. Klobuchar named John McCain. “I miss him every day,” she said. O’Rourke said his unlikely friend was GOP Rep. Will Hurd, and Harris named Sen. Rand Paul.
  • Yang described a friendship with a Trump-supporting trucker called Fred. Sanders named McCain and GOP Sen. Mike Lee. Biden also named McCain, while Warren cited Reagan-era Solicitor General Charles Freid, as well as her two GOP-supporting brothers.

The media and the pundits show their bias after the debate and their analysis…..the nation learned nothing from the debate and even less from the “expert” analysis afterwards.

I learned that Mayor Pete is a disingenuous slug that would change NOTHING if he is ever elected….wars will continue endlessly, Big Pharma will run our medical insurance and he just another conserv Dem trying to dress in progressive clothing……..may he should consider running as liberal Repub…..just a thought.

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2019 Pre-Debate Debate

The day before the day of the debate…and it is Indigenous Day……

The 4th Dem debate of the 2020 season has been a cock up……only a very few qualified for the debate….mostly the corporate candidates with a few others….my choice for a candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, made into this debate….but there was so much confusion that the media did nothing to help clarify simply because their choices were in so screw the rest…..

On September 8, a Washington Post/ABC poll was released. An initial report from ABC claimed that Gabbard had not received the 2% necessary for the poll to count as a qualifying poll, but the Gabbard campaign announced that she had indeed received the 2% necessary for the poll to count as a qualifying poll, citing the Washington Post figures directly. To further complicate matters, FiveThirtyEight claimed that it had received confirmation from the DNC that the poll did not count for Gabbard but the Gabbard campaign countered by stating that no official DNC ruling had been stated and that FiveThirtyEight did not name their source from the DNC.  Presently, no official DNC ruling has been made, but it is important to note that previously DNC policy has been passed down orally, and only confirmed later by statements to the press, without any official ruling, as was done with the Bullock controversy above.

The confusion stems from the fact that the poll data was presented with two columns, one of “all” adults, and one of “registered” voters, even though the question was only asked to those who “leaned” toward the Democratic party. Gabbard had 1% in the “all” column and 2% in the “registered” column. An identical DNC approved poll conducted on the 1st of July was also located in the data, but it is unclear which category was used for the qualification for the debates, as no candidate had 2% in one category and 1% in the other, although FiveThirtyEight claims the above DNC source told them the sample for the “debate qualification will be the adult sample”, and Politico used the “registered” column for their data compilation. Gabbard later reached 2% in two other qualifying polls, allowing her to qualify for the fourth debate.


After all the confusion Tulsi stated that she might boycott this debate because of the DNC rulings that try to eliminate some candidates in favor of others……

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) says she may boycott the Democratic presidential debate next week, accusing the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and media of “rigging” the primary contest against outsider candidates such as herself.

Gabbard pointed to what she described as “arbitrary” and nontransparent qualification requirements as evidence party leaders “are trying to hijack the entire election process.”

The Hawaii Democrat, who has hit the qualification thresholds for Tuesday’s debate in Ohio, said she’d decide in the coming days whether to participate.

“The 2016 Democratic Primary election was rigged by the DNC and their partners in the corporate media against Bernie Sanders,” Gabbard said in a statement.


I agree with her that the DNC and the media is trying to decide who the candidates will be for 2020……I have been saying that for most of 2019…..

I do not think that she should boycott.

I understand her reason for saying she would but to what purpose?

Her voice, antiwar voice, is needed on that stage….I hope she does reconsider her thought.

Update–Tulsi reconsidered and will attend the debate tomorrow.

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Tulsi Wants A Foreign Policy Debate

As a foreign policy/international relations wonk I would love to have a debate that focuses on the candidates ideas in foreign policy….so far the DNC has been quiet on this front.

The DNC recently voted down a debate on climate change, a topic that gets more and more important as the years go by, I expect them to do something similar with the idea of a foreign policy debate……

My candidate is calling for the same thing….a debate night that focuses solely on foreign policy……

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii), a 2020 Democratic White House hopeful, is calling for a debate centered exclusively on foreign policy, saying the current format doesn’t do voters justice.

“It would be very valuable for voters to have a foreign policy focused debate, period,” Gabbard told Hill.TV during an interview that aired on Thursday.

Gabbard, who served in Iraq as a member of the National Guard, said voters, including those in the military, “deserve more than just having one or two foreign policy-related questions in a two-hour long debate,” adding that not nearly time enough time is allotted to the complex issue.

“It does not do the issue justice, it does not do our service men and women justice, who have to live with the consequences of who are commander in chief is and it doesn’t do justice for the American people,” she said.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has faced growing calls to hold single-issue presidential debates, but so far it has rejected those efforts.


I do not see many of the candidates running that could hold their ground on foreign policy…..Biden, Tulsi and possibly Bernie are the only ones that I think could do a good job on the topic…..the rest would be floundering around trying to find their footing.

Since this country is ass deep in endless wars then a foreign policy debate and how the candidates would handle world affairs if elected should be paramount.

Tulsi as a active service member knows the necessity for a stable foreign policy……https://www.tulsigabbard.org/tulsi-gabbard-on-the-issues/foreign-policy

Her policies are explained……https://www.businessinsider.com/tulsi-gabbard-complicated-foreign-policy-explained-2019-2

Then there is the Vote Smart site……Tulsi’s numerous speeches on foreign policy…..https://votesmart.org/candidate/public-statements/129306/tulsi-gabbard/32/foreign-affairs#.XY27tdVOnIU

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2019 Dem Debate #3– ‘Corporatist’ Debate

Sorry this is a long read but it is important for the candidates to get their story out there to help the voter make their decision where to place their vote.

Last night the top ten Dem candidates hit the stage in Houston in what I call the “Corporatist Debate”….because these candidates are the candidates that get the most press so they can make the stage….these are the candidates that the media wants the voter to pick from……

Keeping with my tradition I will give my break down so my readers do not have to suffer through the crap being spread.

Ten Democratic presidential candidates are debating in Texas tonight—including front-runners Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, together in the same debate for the first time. Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Cory Booker, Beto O’Rourke, Andrew Yang, Julian Castro, and Amy Klobuchar are also taking part in the ABC debate in Houston. Harris got one of the biggest cheers during her opening statement, when she directly addressed President Trump, accusing him of using “hate, intimidation, fear, and over 12,000 lies as a way to distract from your failed policies and your broken promises.” The former prosecutor said the only reason Trump hadn’t been indicted because of a rule against indicting sitting presidents—then told him to “go back to watching Fox News. ” More:

  • Andrew Yang, a tech entrepreneur campaigning on a promise to give every American $12,000 a year, said the universal basic income would be given to 10 people who visited his campaign website. “That’s quite a way to build your list—you have to sign up to enter the raffle to get the money,” notes Clare Malone at FiveThirtyEight.
  • The candidates clashed over “Medicare for all,” with Biden saying his plan would give people the option of keeping their current plans, the Guardian reports. “I’ve never actually met anybody who likes their health-insurance company,” Warren told him. Sanders recycled his line about “writing the damn bill” on Medicare for all. In her answer, Klobuchar said it was a bad idea to end private health insurance. “While Bernie wrote the bill, I read the bill,” she said.
  • The gloves came off when Castro and Biden clashed on health care, with Castro telling Biden: “I’m fulfilling the legacy of Barack Obama and you’re not.” He also made Biden’s age an issue, accusing him of contradicting himself and saying: “Are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago?”
  • Harris, who served as California’s attorney general, faced a tough question about her criminal justice plan. “When you had the power, why didn’t you try to affect change then?” asked moderator Linsey Davis. Harris argued that she tried to change things from the inside.
  • On racism, Beto O’Rourke delivered what Politico‘s Christopher Cadelago calls his best answer from all three debates. “We have a white supremacist in the White House and he poses a mortal threat to people of color all across this country,” said O’Rourke, who promised to sign a slavery reparations bill into law.
  • The candidates were more unified on the issue of gun control. Biden pointed to his record, saying he was the “only one up here who’s ever beat the NRA,” the Guardian reports. Biden and Harris praised O’Rourke for his efforts after the mass shooting last month in his hometown, El Paso. O’Rourke called for the confiscation of “battlefield” weapons like assault rifles. “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,” he said. “We’re not going to allow it to be used against a fellow American anymore.”
  • Castro and Biden clashed again on immigration, with Castro accusing the former vice president of cherry-picking Obama administration policies, the AP reports. ” I stand with Barack Obama all eight years, good, bad, indifferent,” Biden replied. Yang shared his own story. “My father grew up on a peanut farm in Asia with no floor and now his son is running for president,” he said. “That is the immigration story that we have to be able to share with the American people.”
  • When the debate turned to trade policy after a break, Harris slammed Trump’s “fragile ego,” comparing him to the Wizard of Oz, the Washington Post reports. “When you pull back the curtain it’s a really small dude,” she said. Buttigieg quipped that Trump had said he’d like to see him do a deal with Xi Jinping, but “I’d like to see him make a deal with Xi Jinping.”
  • A hoarse Sanders drew a contrast between himself and Biden on Iraq. “I never believed what Cheney and Bush said about Iraq. I voted against the war in Iraq,” Sanders said. Biden admitted that it had been a mistake to vote to authorize the 2003 invasion. Warren said she would be willing to bring the US out of Afghanistan without a deal. Buttigieg, who served in Afghanistan in 2014, said he would do the same.
  • Sanders said it was “extremely unfair” to compare the democratic socialism he believes in to the systems in Venezuela and Cuba. “I agree with what goes on in Canada and in Scandinavia,” he said.
  • A strong line from Klobuchar during a segment on climate change: “You know that movie, The Day After Tomorrow? It’s today.” O’Rourke promised to spend $5 trillion on the issue. Booker, a vegan, said he would not tell voters in Texas and Iowa to stop eating meat.
  • Biden, asked what resilience means to him, was interrupted by shouts from protesters—but since they failed to shout in union, what they were saying was unclear. Biden went on to talk about the deaths of his wife, daughter, and son.
  • In answer to the resilience question Buttigieg talked about serving in the military as a gay man under “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”—and about being an elected official in Indiana when Mike Pence was governor, the New York Times reports. He said he wondered whether coming out of the closet would be “the ultimate professional setback.” Sanders spoke about running for the Senate in the 1970s and getting just 1% of the vote.

I had no use for this debate for it was not a debate but a beauty contest for corporate friendly candidates.

Sorry but if one would be hoping for a break out candidate then you were disappointed…..plenty of attempts at a one liner but no one jumped to the head of the line.

There were some notable take aways from the night…..

Biden emerges unscathed. Biden, who repeatedly brought up his time serving under President Obama, rambled at times but was more energetic “steadier” than in his first two debates, according to the New York Times—and “none of the nine other candidates onstage appeared to significantly damage his candidacy.” Kamala Harris, who memorably clashed with Biden on his record on racial issues during the first debate, did not lay into the former vice president or any of her other rivals, saving her attacks for President Trump.

Obama is back in favor. In earlier debates, some candidates tried to distance themselves from Obama-era policies, but there was a lot of love for the former president Thursday night, and not just from Biden, reports the Washington Post reports. “We all owe a huge debt to President Obama” on health care, though ObamaCare needs to be built on, Warren said, while Kamala Harris invoked his 2008 campaign slogan when calling for bolder action on the issue. “Instead of saying no we can’t, let’s say yes we can,” she said.

Big night for Beto. Beto O’Rourke was widely agreed to have had a good night, though it’s not clear whether it will result in a bump in the polls. Other candidates praised him for his response to last month’s mass shooting in El Paso, his hometown, and he spoke passionately in favor of gun control. “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,” he said when asked about his mandatory gun buyback proposal.

Booker “pretty sharp.” Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight says Cory Booker was “pretty sharp” during the debate, though he believes the senator should shift more to the center in case party elites decide Harris is flopping and Biden has “a lot of downside risk.” “And maybe they could turn to Booker,” he says. “But Klobuchar and O’Rourke also had good debates, and they’re plausible landing spots too.” Fellow FiveThirtyEight analyst Nathaniel Rakich predicts that after his attacks on Biden, Castro is the most likely candidate to see their polling numbers move—but it’s not clear what direction they’ll move in.

Trajectory unchanged. Politico‘s reporters didn’t see anything likely to shape up the Democratic contest. Biden remains the front-runner, and ‘though he had a so-so performance, it’s good for Sanders that the debate didn’t turn into a one-on-one Biden vs. Warren showdown,” says Holly Otterbein. Alex Thompson predicts that “fundraising and media attention will continue to shrink for candidates outside the top five to six.”

Nothing has changed my opinion…the stage was full of ‘corporatist” and one progressive.  Nothing said on that stage will ever come about….promises and exaggerations.

None of last night’s theater has changed my mind on who I am supporting…..actually nothing about the debate was necessary and in fact was a waste of time….unless of course you are swayed by one liners or cute slogans.

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The “In” And The Yang

The deadline approaches for the next Dem debate in Houston….the DNC has done its part to try and decide who the voter gets to hear from in these debates….by setting ever increasingly hard goals to meet to qualify.

Personally, I think these debates are a massive waste of time and that it should be up to the voter to decide who they want to hear from not a corporate backed group of oligarchs like the DNC.

That said the field for the next round is coming into focus……

The next Democratic debates are shaping up to have fewer candidates than the first pair, which had 20 apiece. On Thursday, entrepreneur Andrew Yang became the ninth candidate to qualify by reaching 2% in a new Monmouth University poll, reports Politico. The other eight already in the mix: Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’Rourke, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. The Monmouth poll of expected Iowa caucus-goers had Biden on top with 28%, followed by Warren (19%), Harris (11%), Sanders (9%), and Buttigieg (8%). To qualify for the next round of debates in September and October, candidates must hit 2% in four polls and have 130,000 unique donors, per the New York Times.

Other candidates in striking distance include Julian Castro, who needs just one more 2% finish in a poll; Kirsten Gillibrand, who needs 30,000 more donors and three more qualifying poll finishes; and Tulsi Gabbard, who also needs three more qualifying polls but has hit the 130,000-donor mark. Late entrant Tom Steyer hit 3% in the new poll and needs just one more qualifying finish, and his deep pockets could generate ads that will bring him to the donor mark, notes the Times. (Yang is proposing that Americans receive a $1,000 monthly Universal Base Income.)

I have introduced my readers here on IST to Andrew Yang….https://lobotero.com/2019/04/10/yang2020/

It appears his proposal of giving every American a $1000 a month seems to be catch hold and giving him a following…..maybe American are looking for those hand-outs, those “freebies” after all.

This whole scheme is aimed at limiting the number of candidates plus it is skewed toward the more “centrists” candidates that the Media and DNC want to be in the running.

The more “liberal” ideas are marginalized in favor of a business as usual for the Dems…a continuation of the status quo.

So much for the American democratic tradition.

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After Debate BS

The second Democratic debate is in the can (thank God for small wonders)….and now the DNC is setting the rules for the next debate….rules that will not allow anyone not in the so-called “Top Tier” to participate.

Sorry but CNN fed these people red meat so they would attack and try to destroy a fellow Dem…..who thought we would hear Dems attacking Obama’s policies?  We did on debate night.

This is illustrates just how sad the Democratic Party is these days.

Now the next debate in Houston……

Look at those that have “qualified”….they are not the best but rather the favorites of the media and the DNC

The Democratic field may look a lot smaller by the time next month’s debates roll around, the New York Times reports. The Democratic National Committee has new rules to determine who makes the cut, which could exclude a dozen or so of the remaining candidates. To appear in the Sept. 12 and Sept. 13 debates in Houston, candidates must have 2% backing across four polls and 130,000 unique donors by August 28. Seven are shoo-ins: Joe Biden, Sen. Cory Booker, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Sen. Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Julián Castro and Andrew Yang meet only the donor requirement, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar only the polling requirement. Vox lists the candidates at more serious risk:

  • Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet
  • Montana Gov. Steve Bullock
  • New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio
  • Former Maryland Rep. John Delaney
  • Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard
  • New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
  • Former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel
  • Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper
  • Washington Gov. Jay Inslee
  • Miramar, Florida, Mayor Wayne Messam
  • Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton
  • Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan
  • Former Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Sestak
  • Billionaire and environmentalist Tom Steyer
  • Author and activist Marianne Williamson

Once again the DNC is deciding who gets the coverage in this election cycle….they want only those that they approve of…..they are influencing who the voter will have to place their votes….not whom the voter wants but rather who the MSM wants.

Yes I am cheesed because my candidate is the list and no she is not the most popular with the MSM or the moderates in her party…..her message is getting stomp0ed on by collusion between the media and the moderates.

I agree that some of these candidates need to go home and play with the wife/husband…..but that decision should be made by the voters not the clowns and cowards that control the DNC….the biggest of which is Perez a big business lackey.

Now look at the MSM…..the debate was so important that a suicide of some Kennedy takes the place in importance.

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2019 Dem Debates–Part 2

Tuesday and Wednesday night were debate nights on CNN.

20 candidates….two nights….and the manufactured fireworks……

First Night–

Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were the two highest-polling candidates in Tuesday night’s Democratic debate, the first of two 10-candidate debates in Detroit—but it was a letdown for anybody expecting a clash between the two progressives. Since they are competing for similar voters, “everyone was girding for them to actually, you know, debate each other,” writes Aaron Blake at the Washington Post. Instead, they “largely agreed to a cease-fire” and even tried to defend each other against moderates who attacked their positions on issue like health care as too radical. More:

  • Buttigieg, O’Rourke “lost in the middle.” Beto O’Rourke and Pete Buttigieg have enough resources to stay in the race for a long time to come, but the former sensations looked a lot like has-beens Tuesday night to David Siders and Christopher Cadelago at Politico, who describe the debate as a “boring mess.” With the debate seen as a battle of progressives versus moderates, they write, O’Rourke and Buttigieg “fell somewhere in the middle, which makes it difficult to sustain air.”
  • Big night for Bernie. The “feisty” senator from Vermont’s tops the list of winners at CNN. Former Maryland Rep. John Delaney, who repeatedly clashed with Sanders and Warren, also makes the list, simply for reminding people that he exists. Losers include the “rehearsed and wooden” O’Rourke and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who failed to get anywhere near a breakout moment.
  • Breakout moment for Bullock? Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, who didn’t qualify for the previous round of debates, had a good night and could “make waves in the race as a centrist who has won elections in a deep-red state,” write Max Greenwood and Jonathan Easley at the Hill. Bullock put himself across as a moderate who believes in Obama-era health care and immigration policies. “It used to be Republicans who wanted to repeal and replace, now it’s Democrats,” he said of “Medicare for All” plans that would replace ObamaCare.
  • A taste of things to come. While the moderates who targeted Sanders and Warren, including Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan, may not qualify for future debates, Tuesday night was a preview of the rifts likely to appear in debates where Joe Biden debates the progressive senators, the New York Times reports. “We’ve talked about taking private health insurance away from union members in the industrial Midwest, we’ve talked about decriminalizing the border, and we’ve talked about giving free health care to undocumented workers when so many Americans are struggling to pay for their health care,” Ryan said. “I quite frankly don’t think that that is an agenda that we can move forward on and win.”
  • Williamson wins the Internet. Self-help author Marianne Williamson surged in Internet searches with her unconventional responses, which included references to “emotional turbulence” and President Trump’s “dark psychic force. “On some level, we all seem to know that Marianne Williamson shouldn’t exactly be on the debate stage,” write Katherine Miller at BuzzFeed. “Even she seems to know it, because she operates like she’s performing a commentary on the rest of the stage, speaking from a different stage about the debate taking place.”

The only thing of interest to me was the divide on health care….it was old Democratic Party versus the New….the Moderates sounded more like the GOP than the GOP…….but the final word is that the first night was not anything to remember.  Hopefully the second night on CNN will be better served for the public.

The night and this debate will go down in history as the most forgettable waste of time.

Night Number Two…….

Joe Biden faced attacks from all sides in the second Democratic debate in Detroit—but the front-runner seemed more prepared and readier to hit back than he did in June, analysts say. Biden, criticized by some of the other nine candidates onstage on issues including health care, climate change, race, immigration, and his record on women’s issues,”cleared a low bar” and “highlighted both his close association with a popular Barack Obama and his brand of moderation that has led many voters to view him as the party’s best coalition-builder in a general election,” according to the New York Times. “Everybody’s talking about how terrible I am on all these issues,” Biden said during the debate. Obama “knew exactly who I was. He chose me and he said it was the best decision he made.” How the other nine fared:

  • Kamala Harris. The California senator, who made waves with her attack on Biden’s record in the June debate, found herself a target on Wednesday night, with other candidates pulling no punches when they criticized her record as a prosecutor. “Challenged repeatedly by some of the lower-polling candidates on the stage, she was at times halting and didn’t seem fully ready for the challenge at hand,” writes Aaron Blake at the Washington Post.
  • Cory Booker. Booker was one of the night’s winners, according to Vox. The New Jersey senator focused on criminal justice reform, telling Biden that the policies he has championed since the 1970s led to mass incarceration. When Biden tried to deflect the attacks by bringing up Booker’s own record, the senator delivered one of the night’s best lines: “You’re dipping into the Kool-Aid and you don’t even know the flavor.”
  • Tulsi Gabbard. The House lawmaker from Hawaii raised her profile and became Google’s most-searched-for candidate with what CNN calls “a performance that ranged from adversarial to deeply personal.” She slammed Harris’ record as California’s attorney general, saying the senator should apologize to people who “suffered under your reign as prosecutor,” and brought up her own record as an Iraq War veteran while arguing that it is time to “bring the troops home.”
  • Jay Inslee. This may have been the “final appearance on a debate stage” for the low-polling Washington governor, but he managed to hit Biden hard on climate change which has been the main focus of his campaign, reports the Seattle Times. He said he was “mad as hell” about the issue and slammed Biden’s “middle of the road” approach. “The time is up. Our house is on fire!” Inslee said. “Get off coal. Save this country and the planet, that’s what I’m for.”
  • Bill de Blasio. The New York City mayor’s debate performance was overshadowed by problems at home, the New York Daily News reports. His opening statement was almost drowned out by protesters shouting “Fire Pantaleo,” referring to the NYPD officer in the Eric Garner case. When the issue came up later in the debate, the mayor tried to shift the focus by asking Biden what he had done about it while vice president.
  • Andrew Yang. The tech entrepreneur was not a huge presence in the debate: He had the least speaking time of all the candidates, at 8 minutes, 53 seconds. His most talked-about moment came during a discussion of climate change, when he suggested it was time for Americans to start moving to higher ground, using the $1,000-a-month universal basic income he has proposed.
  • Julian Castro. Castro made it onto CNN‘s list of winners with his forceful remarks on immigration reform, and one of the night’s top lines. “It looks like one of us has learned the lessons of the past and one of us hasn’t,” the former HUD secretary told Biden when the Obama administration’s record on the issue came up.
  • Kirsten Gillibrand. Sen. Gillibrand’s biggest moment came when she attacked Biden over a 1981 op-ed in which he argued that giving higher earners a child care tax credit would subsidize the ” deterioration of the family. ” But Biden seemed prepared: He responded by discussing his record on women’s issues, his personal life, and Gillibrand’s history of working with him on issues including violence against women. “From the very beginning, my deceased wife worked when we had children,” he said. “My present wife has worked all the way through raising our children.”
  • Michael Bennet. There was no breakout moment for the senator from Colorado, though he “distinguished himself as a centrist voice” on issues including health care and immigration, according to Business Insider. He called for adding a public option to ObamaCare, saying Medicare for All “would make illegal employer-based health insurance in this country and massively raise taxes on the middle class to the tune of $30 trillion, as Joe Biden said.”‘

But Americans need winners and losers….

Everybody on that stage was looking for that sound byte moment that would control the news for a couple of days……they failed.

Harris who won the first debate looked ill prepared for this one…..in the after debate she took a cheap short at another candidate….I do not like that.

Booker and Castro had a good night and that should help them in the next debate.

Biden won the night simply by not screwing up……still using tired talking points from the past on health care….at one point he could have been a Repub spreading manure.  He is still the front runner with tired talking points and a closeness to Obama all he has….plus the MSM is in his corner and hype him whenever possible.

No one should break out from the debate…the order will stay much as it was before it began.

Still saw NOTHING that would change my mind on who to support….but it does reinforce my feeling that about half these “candidates” should go home and play with the wife/husband.

There is some good news for Tulsi….according to Google Trends she was the most searched candidate after the debates….hopefully those people will see what I see in her for she still has my support.

The only good to come out of this debate was that the MSM had something to fixate on besides Mueller, Russia and impeachment…..the best line from the debate was when the moderator said “goody night from Detroit”.

I will reiterate…I think these “debates” are worthless and all they do is give the networks fodder for a week or so.  I want to seer these candidates face off on real subjects…like war and the endless use of troops over and over and over then to discard them and find new fodder.

In stead that talk about issues that will talk both Houses to enact and that will not happen even with the control of those Houses.

These “debates” are a waste of time….PERIOD!

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


“Lego Ergo Scribo”