My Political Truth

The truth is that I use to get excited about the political process….in years past I found the presidential stuff just amazing….but those days are gone.

The question I ask myself these days is… it really about the direction of the country or is it the sideshows?

I ask that question because I truly see nothing in the news that would lead to believe that our political process is anything but a sideshow.  I give you the latest news that the media is laser focused on today…..Joe Biden.

The media has its hands full with the GOP….that institution is nothing but a continuous sideshow.  But the Dems are different…..they are actually talking policies and issues and the media cannot stand it.  That is why they ginned up the Joe Biden for prez sideshow……

The media has not given that speculation a break since they first got wind of it…..last night was the first Dem debate and the big story is that CNN has a special podium waiting in case Biden wants to drop in…..

Politics is one big sideshow……and the voter buys into the carney bullshit every damn time……

If you think the country is in bad shape now…..then just wait until the next election… will really suck after that.

My political truth is that I do not think that the process is worth the time anymore……the games being played in the name of democracy are disgusting.

American politics should be better than some cheesy reality show…..but it is NOT….and it is getting worse with each election.  The voting public has become a quivering lump of paranoia……which allows stupid to run rampant.

Some have been predicting anarchy for some time now…..well sports fans, we have a dysfunctional government……it is only a short hop from there…..


13 thoughts on “My Political Truth

    1. Anarchy is Good!
      Roll Up To See the Side Show..
      Fat Lady Sprouting Copious Amounts of Hair
      Fat Man Who Needs a Mirror..
      Way to go!
      I’m Up For Anarchy any day….grin

    2. Don’t worry. It will get worse. Much worse. Not far into the future, these will be considered idealistic “good ol’ days”, when a decent percentage of folks actually still believed in shit. I don’t see that lasting much longer than a couple decades though. The ones being hatched right now might as well be robots.

      There is such downward (& rightward) momentum, the BEST I can ever envision is a temporary “foot-off-the-accelerator” situation. I just do not see how things are going to turn around.

      As for anarchy, I’m not a huge fan of either, but I vastly prefer the (naive) “capital A” variety over the (chaotic) “small a” kind. We’re creeping closer to “small a” all the time. That’s where everything resembles Somalia or Syria…or Blade Runner.

  1. Neva…..will be driven from me! I am an Anarchist… was my Father….and down the line we go…..he used to say “It was like kicking shit up at hill!” Wanna join? grin

  2. To answer the non-question that you already answered very well….Yeah, it’s a media sideshow starring a cast of thousands…of Spin Doctors, strategists, billionaires and slippery, lying, snake oil salesmen.

    American elections are largely just picking between 2 different models of the same make of car. It’s one part beauty pageant and one part Game of Risk. Even though the media now dedicates 2 full years to it, political issues only enter the equation as the equivalent of asking pageant contestants questions to measure their “poise”. Virtually everything remotely important is decided by The Powers That Be, well out of the reach of the grimy-handed commoners. Most important decisions go completely unnoticed by the public.

    Meanwhile, up here in Canuckistan, our election still has a decent chance of producing another Conservative Majority (100% power over the legislature) with as little as 33% of voters. That works out to about 15% of adults over 18. A “clear mandate”, if ever there was one!

    I think it’s time everyone stop pretending that “elections” still mean something and that we live in “democracies”.

  3. I met a wonderful lady at a funeral I attended who reminded me of how wonderful her native Central America can be sometimes. I have another friend who is thinking of moving to Costa Rica. Yes, the “Democracy” thing evaporated a long time ago, friends and it is not coming back anytime soon. Get ready for a new millennium and a …. New World Order. When it materializes it will come as a thief in the night … like a modern-day spiritual/political/ideological Pearl harbor but be assured … the die is cast … we have crossed The Rubicon … it is coming … and fast now!

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