Who Dropped The Shoe?

The drama swirling around the election of the Speaker of the House has a new twist for all you political geeks…….

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy dropped a political bombshell on his Republican colleagues Thursday morning by dropping out of the race for House speaker. McCarthy was the heavy favorite to succeed John Boehner at the end of the month, though he faced long-shot challenges from Reps. Jason Chaffetz and Daniel Webster, the latter being the chosen nominee of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, reports the Hill. Republicans were supposed to pick their nominee Thursday, but McCarthy’s announcement forced the vote to be postponed. Even had he won this vote, it was unclear whether McCarthy would be able to get the necessary 218 votes when the full House voted on Oct. 29—thanks to the conservative opposition to him from within his own party.

The GOP cannot do anything without some sort of drama.

Now that big Mac is gone…who oh who will get the leadership roll?

Surely someone has an opinion……here is your chance….take it!

9 thoughts on “Who Dropped The Shoe?

  1. “The country is never more in danger than when Congress is in session.” — Will Rogers, I think

    I say, let them play! The longer it goes on, the more people it will piss off in the streets. Eventually, it’s all going to blow… Remember a small part of a letter which Thomas Jefferson (remember him?) wrote in 1787,

    “The late rebellion in Massachusetts has given more alarm than I think it should have done. Calculate that one rebellion in 13 states in the course of 11 years, is but one for each state in a century and a half. No country should be so long without one.” — Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), in letter to James Madison, 20 December 1787

    Also, let us remember what Bob Dylan sang, to wit: A hard rain’s a gonna fall.

    The American public isn’t going to sit quietly forever, continuing to take the abuse being perpetrated upon them (nor, I think, will the rest of the world). The signs are all there; but. they keep on playing their games as there will never be any piper to be paid… Silly politicians….

    gigoid, the dubious

      1. I’m sure that buried somewhere deep within their ranks there is a Republican capable of being a leader. The problem is that they, meaning the group in charge, are not interested in actual leadership.

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