IST Classroom: Remember The Crusades

Yep…that time again.  I will force feed my readers a little history to make their day.  I apologize if you are not a history buff but… will get over it!

These days with all the Islamophobia there is always someone somewhere that will bring up the Crusades and use it as some sort of example of how to handle things…..the problem is most of their knowledge is second hand and biased…..for instance the 1st Crusade……1095.

The most passed around story is that the Seljuk Muslims were brutally attacking Christians in the Holy land……and the Pope got pissed……Launched by Pope Urban II at the Council of Clermont in 1095, the First Crusade was the most successful. Urban gave a dramatic speech urging Christians to swarm towards Jerusalem and make it safe for Christian pilgrims by taking it away from the Muslims. The armies of the First Crusade left in 1096 and captured Jerusalem in 1099.

Now there is proof that the 1st Crusade was not necessarily needed……while Urban was lathering up the people to go to the Holy Land……you see the Muslims that were preventing the pilgrims from entering into the Holy Land were the Seljuks….by the time Urban got his troops on the way the Seljuks had been defeated by another Muslim group…the Fatimids.  The Fatimids had no problem with the influx of pilgrims for they were interested in trade and tourism….their presence, the pilgrims, meant more cash for the coffers…..

The problem arose when the Crusaders got to the Holy Land and started their Holy War….the butchers of Europe, the same groups that had got on a Jew killing spree only years before the Crusade began killing everything insight…..both Muslim and Jews until they finally captured Jerusalem in 1099.

Another problem with these invaders……… From these conquered lands Crusaders carved out small kingdoms for themselves which endured for some time, though not long enough to have a real impact upon local doing so they began to oppress the locals until 1187 when Muslim general Saladin defeated the Crusaders army and retook Jerusalem.  So the whole “saving the Holy Land” was a smoke screen for plundering the region…..

We could say that with a little patience Urban could have avoided all the death and destruction….that is if it was truly about the pilgrims and their visits to the Holy Land.

Haste makes waste!

Some things never change…….rush to war…….when war could have been avoided.

Sound familiar?

Thanx for your attention…….

Class dismissed!

9 thoughts on “IST Classroom: Remember The Crusades

  1. I hate to be the worm in the apple here but it doesn’t matter to me what happened a thousand years ago. I am only interested in preventing America from becoming 100% Muslim at some point. If you want to invoke History then invoke the history of how the Islamic takeover of nations occurs. It happens in stages and the stages never seem to change. — Like always the warnings will fall on deaf ears until it is too late.

  2. “I will force feed my readers a little history to make their day. I apologize if you are not a history buff but… will get over it!” Lobotero

    It’s a truly sad commentary that a brief discussion of history needs to be apologized for…even amongst the kind of crowd potentially drawn to the content of your website. (Mind you, most of human history NEEDS to be apologized for.)

    Now, if you were talking about the “history” of the MTV awards, or the history of stupid phones…that would be considered “so kewl”. Your site would crash from the traffic and people would be demanding more. People are just far too concerned with the now, the instant & the meaningless. History is as relevant to people today as foreign, outdated, concepts like “human decency” or “self-restraint”.

    Here’s a few of my thoughts on the topic:

    1) I want to move to the Sultanate of Rum.

    2) Just how many Christian Pilgrims were going to The Holy Land in the 1090’s? This wasn’t Mecca in 2015. Christians weren’t compelled to visit The Holy Land at all, let alone on specific days of the year. There were no direct flights with shuttle services to their luxury hotels. These people had to hump it on camels and leaky sailboats for weeks, if not months.

    And just where would they find the time? People worked 6 days a week with no time off. This was an age where the overwhelming majority of people’s idea of a “vacation” was visiting the next village on Sunday. Most people outside of the trade/transport industry rarely left the county they were born in, never mind the country. So we’re talking about the elites, here. We’re really talking about 1%-ers and Catholic Church mucky-mucks.

    Such “Pilgrimages” couldn’t possibly have been more than a trickle that were barely noticed….provided the Pilgrims weren’t wearing giant funny hats, dripping with jewelry, holding snake-handling worship services, or going door-to-door trying to convert people.

    And who was stopping them? The TSA? Homeland Security? I don’t seem to recall there being passports & border guards in 1096.

    Unless there were some noticeable mass murders of Christian visitors, this thing just reeks of a red herring or a Gulf Of Tonkin Incident.

    3) It’s funny how the bitterness, animosity and “combat mentality” of both sides have FAR outlasted, not just the participants, but the very nations involved. Very few of these countries still exist and the ones that do have borders that barely resemble the ones shown here.

    In fact, America firmly puts itself in the shoes of The Crusader. This despite the fact that even the very LAST of the Crusades were over several centuries before America even existed! Shit, British North America wouldn’t be formed for another 100 years.

    This is how hopeless we are as a species. We know NOTHING nothing about the actual history of the conflict, just that we should still be fighting it. An excellent example of “Those who don’t know history…”

    4) Laser Armenia??? Is that anything like Laser Floyd? If so, I’m packing my “medicinal brownies”, making a pit-stop at the Sultanate Of Rum, and I’m Pilgriming it there right away!

    1. sultanate of Rum….my kind of place….for an accurate count of pilgrims I guess the Templars would be the only source……I believe that those that went in those days were going to cleanse themselves of some sort of sin….it was all those connecting flights that made it an ordeal…..I have found that too many get some sort of spacey look in their eyes when history is mentioned…..the Church would instigate and the people would die…some things never change…..chuq

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