USS Liberty Incident | In Saner Thought

Today is 8 June 2015….it is the 48th anniversary of the Israeli brutal attack on an American Naval vessel, the USS Liberty in 1967…..I will do what I can to see that this incident and the murders of American sailors is NOT forgotten!

This is a piece I wrote in 2009 but my research went back to the days before Katrina and unfortunately after the storm the man that I had interviewed had died so I could not get any more info from him……

Today I am dedicating the entire day to that attack and the deaths of American sailors at the hands of Israeli aggressors…….these people need to be remembered and why they died…..we should never accept this type of action…..ALL Americans need to know of this attack!

I will NEVER forget or forgive!

Please help get these Americans story out to the rest of the population…..the country needs to know and needs to remember……..


USS Liberty Incident | In Saner Thought.

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