Let The Social Media War Begin

I wrote a piece about a week ago about the cyber site within the State Dept that will work to counter ISIS on social media………if you would like to refresh your memory…….


I decided to write another piece because I watched an interview with the new head to this branch within the department…….his patter was almost word for word the Obama “Islam” speech he made recently……all about how the US needs to show people that ISIS is a perversion of Islam and only a terrorist organization….yada….yada…..after the interview his words made me sit and think……I contemplated his speech for about a day or so…..no matter how I turned it…..it was a piece of propaganda and geek speak of a bureaucrat.

The new section will be doing what other agencies are doing…..”counter-messaging”.  And there my friends is where my problem starts.  CIA, NSA, FBI, others are attempting to counter the messages of ISIS on social media…..about 90,000 a day.

Let me ask……If you were looking at ISIS on-line would you also be looking at anti-ISIS messages?  Of course NOT!  How will counter-messaging bring down the organization?

Would not a hacking of their sites with a shutdown program or a lock down program or a well placed virus be more effective?

Anonymous is hacking ISIS regularly and they seem to be doing more damage than any wimpy counter message……why not hire these guys or at least follow their lead?  If we want to beat them, ISIS, on social media….I think that action and NOT reaction would be a more effective weapon.

The government wants to compete with ISIS for readership….that is a reaction.  Anonymous is taking down their sites so NO one can use them….that is action.

Action will be more effective than some limp wrest reaction…..

Now I ask…..do we really want to defeat ISIS?  I mean as long as ISIS is active and a threat then someone is making money…..lots of money.

This new program seems to be a way to prolong the effective use of propaganda……a program that rubs in place while spinning its wheels because it can get little or no traction.

I realize there may be more going on than we see…..but on the surface this looks like a colossal waste of time and money.  But then that is just what our foreign policy has been for the last couple of decades……

My regular readers know that I am always watching the Middle East and that my interests in war are legendary…..all I am seeing these days leads me to want to ask……just how serious is the Washington group on the elimination of ISIS?  No plans they have these days points to s desire to end this thing.

NOTHING that is being done would lead me to believe that there is any genuine desire to end this thing with ISIS…….the sooner the American people realize that they are being played the sooner a real strategy will be formulated.  Until then expect more of the same…….talk, talk and more talk.

6 thoughts on “Let The Social Media War Begin

  1. multiples to consider…as you wisely point out, and the ever present push and pull of conflicting homegrown interest….but in regard to US foreign policy going south, stripe pants decorum isn’t a good fit for a nation state warring with non-state belligerence ….but any radical departure from the wink and nod civility of Western Civ diplomat speak and recognition of sovereignty only arms future “popularly elected” despots.

    And just as there is no physical “front” in the current crossing of swords, I swear I don’t see an ideological core made up more of than just making it all up as circumstances change…and that means tactics trump any overall strategic approach, which ain’t good, and can’t get any better until you corner the “caliphate” to commit to a future vision, which would then allow a propaganda contrast and compare to it’s efficacy as weighted against it’s evil.



  2. There are scores of Americans who can’t even identify pictures of past presidents when shown them. There are scores more who don’t seem to be the least bit concerned about much more than the next meal, somebody to share their misery and a warm place to defecate. I don’t think the war against ISIS is going to affect anybody at the grassroots level until some of the come to the conclusion they and their families might be in real trouble from some neighborhood Jihadists marauding and murdering.

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