“I Am Ashamed Of My Country”

For almost seven years now I have heard all the spin around anything Obama has said…..and recently NYC ex-Gestapo-esque Giuliani has said that he does not believe that the prez loves his country and so far not many in the GOP have bothered to smack him down for his irresponsible comment…..but then I was not expecting respect from the GOP….they want respect but will not give respect….so in my humble opinion….f*ck ’em!

And then I saw a quote by America’s favorite Senate rabid war hawk, McCain……..he has said …”I Am Ashamed Of My Country”…..want the full quote……

Sen. John McCain on Sunday said he is “ashamed” of the U.S., President Obama and himself for not arming Ukraine’s military in its fight against Russian-backed separatists.

“I believe that the German chancellor and the president of France legitimized for the first time in 70 years the dismemberment of a country in Europe. It’s shameful,” McCain said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “Vladimir Putin has not paid any price. Even the ceasefire was violated.

McCain said that “Ukrainians aren’t asking for American boots on the ground.”

“That’s not the question here. They’re asking for weapons to defend themselves. And they are being slaughtered. And their own military’s being shattered,” he said.

“This is a shameful chapter. I’m ashamed of my country, I’m ashamed of my president, and I’m ashamed of myself that I haven’t done more to help these people,” he added. “It is really, really heartbreaking.”

Thanx to The Hill for reporting on this…..now I am waiting for the GOP to go batcrap crazy over the comment.

Any bets if and when the GOP will smack down McCain for his disrespect?

I am waiting…..waiting……wait………….(the sound of his voice tails off to silence)……

23 thoughts on ““I Am Ashamed Of My Country”

  1. It is not often I am in agreement with McCain, but in this case, yes, he is right, it is shameful that we are doing little to help the Ukrainians fend off the Russians. I recognize a lot of folks are sick of Big Brother rushing in and then getting a figurative slap in the face for interference, but we are the most powerful country in the world and that requires stepping up.

    1. I am not convinced that the Ukraine situation is as we are told…..something does not smell right, at least to me……

      Should not people be upset that he is ashamed of his country? What would be said if Obama had said it?

      1. It does upset me for anyone to say they are ashamed of this country, I am a patriot, I am an American and will lift her up not put her down. He should be ashamed for that remark, he is elected to better this country not drag it down.

      2. As an international analyst…McCain policies have done more to harm the US than help…..war needs to be avoided if possible not run head long into something that will effect millions……there are many ways to drag a country down……chuq

      3. so true, chuq, McCain’s tendency to be a hot head has not been helpful in his ability to influence his constituents. His recent statement is a good example of his tendency to shoot from the hip (in this case the mouth).

      4. Probably plays a large part, perhaps his experience as a prison of war has had effected his outlook on proper course of action relating to foreign policy.

      5. A good thought but if it were me I would be more inclined to make sure that Noother American had to go thru what I did….but that is just me…..

  2. I question McCain a lot but I also respect him, for a politician sometimes he can be amazingly forthright and ususally not as mud slinging as some GOP movers and shakers and I fully support his statement. I’ve been ashamed of our non action for a long time now and I applaud Senator McCain for his brave words. dru

    “My country, right or wrong,” is a thing that no patriot would think of saying except in a desperate case. It is like saying, “My mother, drunk or sober.” G.K. Chesterton

    1. McCain has been wrong on many occasions on foreign policy….few people seem to realize that any action will take troops and there will be the possibility of deaths and injuries……

      My dissertation was on the causes of war…….little is as we are told…..chuq

  3. Oh I agree with you about the “smell” over there and I’m not for sending our troops and life causes death not only war. Sorry I missed your point but to say I am ashamded of our President as well as myself is not exactly the same as to say I question our Presidents love his own country. I do wonder about the situation over there and wished I knew of someone who covers it as well as you do the mid East. dru

    ps I’ve alreday made contact with our California Senators regarding “Save Net Neutrality” and both have answered by back….well there office has and if a form letter it was very specific to the issue. me

    1. That is why it smells funny to me…..if it was all that important they would be reporting more and better….BBC does a fair job but still is lacking……thanx for the compliment….I appreciate it…..chuq


    No I am not upset that McCain or anyone else is ashamed of their country’s, their Presidents’ or their own actions. (see Chesterfield) but shame does not negate love and devotion. You can love, admire, repect, question, and be ashamed; all at the same time. Sending weopon usually does involve sending feet on the ground to some level and arming one side against the next will increase the war but might top the undefended slaughter.

    However since that wasn’t really your point this is really moot. dru

      1. I suppose McCain, as well as myself, is just saying: “Will you, won’t you, will you, won’t you, won’t you join the dance?”

        I guess, I should use “Saner Thought” and reconsider the arming before I state I’m for it but; Hot Head,-yes, War Monger – Probably, Patriot – Yes but should he be ashamed of himself for being ashamed of his President and even his Country? – NO.

        You don’t have to suppport the man’s statement or agree with his politics but I believe we need to defend his right to say what he thinks, no matter of whom or to what. Nothing is sacred enough that speech should be censored.

        “Je suis Charlie”


    1. Seems few could care about Ukraine….I have written and pressed several stories about the conflict and they have gotten little traffic…..Americans just do not care….right now…..chuq

  5. A dangerous fool. What did he want, a hot war with Russia?

    Does he not know that NATO/US broke every promise made about not moving up to the Russian border.

    1. I believe he is still living in the Cold War years…..if you recall the invasion of Georgia (country not state) by Russian troops got a similar response from him…..

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