Children Are The Future

How many times have you heard that piece of political crap?  My fave tag line by the mental midgets we elect is the one that states….”we must secure the future for the children”……then these same “saviors” set about destroying any program that would benefit the children.

But the US is not alone…..we hear all about the children from international sources and they too are concerned for the future…..another really poor tag-line.  If these people truly cared one iota about children crap like this would not happen…..

“Children have been killed while studying in the classroom and while sleeping in their beds. They have been orphaned, kidnapped, tortured, recruited, raped, and even sold as slaves.” That’s Anthony Lake, executive director of UNICEF, explaining why the UN organization has designated 2014 as the worst year on record for children across the globe. “Never in recent memory have so many children been subjected to such unspeakable brutality.” Lowlights from the UNICEF report, per the New York Times:

  • As many as 15 million children are directly affected by violent conflicts in Africa, the Middle East, and Ukraine. And 230 million are estimated to live in regions where armed conflicts are taking place.
  • In the Central African Republic, where 2.3 million children are affected by violence, more than 430 have been killed or hurt and as many as 10,000 have been recruited as child soldiers.
  • The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza has left 538 children dead, 3,370 hurt, and 54,000 without homes.
  • The Syrian civil war and the rise of ISIS have disrupted the lives of 7.3 million Syrian children and 2.7 million Iraqi children.
  • South Sudan’s civil conflict has left hundreds of thousands of children displaced, as refugees, or suffering from severe malnutrition.
  • West Africa’s Ebola outbreak has also left thousands of kids orphaned.

There is NO excuse for the deliberate targeting of children……….and the children have a very limited future unless the powers that be pull the collective heads out of their butts…..and I do not see that miracle occurring any time soon…….

10 thoughts on “Children Are The Future

  1. If these people truly cared one iota about children crap like this would not happen…..

    So other then writing about how this stuff shouldn’t happen; what are you doing to change it?

    Taking up arms, moving to another country to protect the innocent children?

    Things like this happen because people say it shouldn’t but never do anything to make a difference.

      1. So you just talk about it in other words.

        How much does it take to bring a child to America? Adopt a family and sponsor them? Travel there and defend them how ever you can….apparently if people truly cared about children only applies to other people……

      2. Do you just like being a rude dick? Never mind that was rhetorical….

        What about the children here? They are as bad off as those in…say…..Botswana….but few care about them either..

  2. Lobotero,

    What about the children here? They are as bad off as those in…say…..Botswana….but few care about them either..

    Great point – what are you doing about the children here? Are you caring for them — or chiding others because they are ignoring the issue like you ignore the issue?

    You want to make a difference – lead the way my friend. Do something, Adopt a child, volunteer, feed the hungry, protect the innocent.

    Sitting in a comfortable chair in your cozy home crying that nobody cares about the poor children without doing something about those children is simple hypocrisy.

    P.S. if challenging someone to see if they are just all talk or if they live the values they publicly proclaim is being a ‘rude d**k”….then I’ll cop to that.

    Will you cop to being hypocritical?

    1. No I will not cop to anything! When I was not handicapped I worked at a soup kitchen, collected food as often as I could, put on a golf tournament because slobbering twats like golf and the proceeds went to a homeless program….I did my part as best I could…no it was not enough…put I had time and resources in those days… comfy chair that you are so damn quick to point out is a folding metal chair…..I will not let anyone in my neighborhood go hungry if I can help…..
      To dig at people because you do not agree with them is a typical move from someone that does not give a sh*t….tah tah!

      1. Seem awful defensive and judgmental there Lobo — feeling guilty about something?

        I never said i disagreed with you. I’m just asking if you are all talk or if you actually live your values. As for as being handicapped – it only stops you if you let it. Seems you have time on your hands, could you be making phone calls to our representatives asking for something to be done ? Could you be working a phone bank, raising money via online fundraisers — there is always something people can do.

        You have to admit that too often people only talk about something – crying out “hey if people really cared they would do something’ and do absolutely nothing more — will you admit to that?

        We all can do more. Even i – I do a little and know it isn’t enough. I have done more in the past and will probably do more in the future.

        Oh…and in regards to calling me names….let me quote something to you

        ….to my thinking, if you answer to a problem is insulting people that do not agree with you, then you have already lost the debate……..

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