Home Of The Free

We Americans take great pride in the title….home of the free…….we go so far as to try and rebuild other countries in our image……not always a successful attempt….but we can be proud of the freedoms we have and others jealously desire…..

But you know that may not be exactly the truth……

Americans are feeling a lot less like the land of the free than they were eight years ago—possibly because they believe the government is corrupt, a new Gallup poll finds. Asked in 2013 if they were satisfied with their level of personal freedom, 79% said they were, down from 91% in 2006, while 21% said they were dissatisfied. That put the US just 36th among all countries. (If you’re curious, New Zealand, at 94%, was No.1, followed by Australia, Sweden, and of all places Cambodia, which were tied at 93%.)

Only 10 other countries have seen a larger decline than the US, and many of those, like Egypt and Greece, have undergone major political or economic crises. One explanation for the drop: The growing belief that the government is corrupt. The number of people saying corruption was widespread has risen steadily from 59% in 2006 to 79% in 2013.

Cambodia….the home of Pol Pot and Khmer rouge….they feel more free than we do?

Does this not scare the living crap out of you?  We Americans feel like the corruption in government is growing and growing out of control….that also should worry you.


2 thoughts on “Home Of The Free

  1. Everywhere we look there is trouble. The Middle East is on fire. We have Russia, China, Iran, Iraq and Syria on the same page. More trouble is headed our way. Happy 4th

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