Blue Dog Bites The Dust

One of the original Blue Dogs, Mississippi’s Gene Taylor, has gone down in defeat in the 2010 mid-terms….a victim of “throw the bums out” mentality racing across the country….only this time it was a moronic vote that defeated Taylor….

Taylor is my, or was my, representative…..and in the past I have not been too pleased with his voting stances on many issues that I hold dear…..but this time I am on his side…..he was screwed by the big money that the GOP received to beat any and all Dems in office…..

What makes this all the more  moronic is that Taylor is a conservative Dem and voted like on on many issues…however he got a great rating by the group that watches middle class issues and also by the ARA a group that watches votes by Reps and then grades them on senior’s issues….which again makes his loss even more moronic….since most of the registered voters in his district are retired, most of them from the military and of course are staunch supporters of FOX News and subject to believe the lies and the misinformation that it deals out daily.

The voters of the 4th district in Mississippi voted against their own interests…now you can understand why Mississippi is at the bottom of so many lists…..what kind of mindless person votes against their own interests?

His area is a conservative area meaning pro-life, pro-gun, anti-gay, so on and so on…but yet that was not good enough for the mindless voter that let FOX and Limbaugh do their thinking…..sad case of stupid!

For instance, 100% rating from the National Right To Life Committee,  76% rating from the Christian Coalition, given an “A” rating by the NRA, a 90% rating by the Association of Retired Americans, 100% by the Citizens For Tax Justice, 92% by the US Border Control for a sealed border, all the issues that the conservs and especially the Tea Party stand for……his ONLY crime was that he was a Dem in the House that was controlled by Pelosi…that was the ONLY thing that was not to the special interest liking….so many bucks were sunk into the campaign of his opponent Palazzo and they succeeded in getting the great unwashed of Mississippi to vote against their own interests……

I have watched and commented on the situation in Mississippi for many years and it should not surprise me at the depth of stupid that its voters can sink to at any given time….Like I have said many times, I have never been a strong supporter of Taylor in his 21 years in the House….but he deserved better from the people that he represented for those years….especially when he was always voting in their interests….but then…..

Stupid is as stupid does……..

5 thoughts on “Blue Dog Bites The Dust

    1. Thanx…like I said…personally I did not like his voting on certain issues….but he was a good rep of the mentality of his constituents

      BTW, did you miss yesterday’s posts?

      1. Yes I was busy yesterday, but no I didn’t really miss anything – interesting, but not really to a non-American – if you see what I mean….

      2. Oh I understand…that is my w/ends and yep….American politics is boring if you do not have to think about it everyday….LOL

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