Do The Dickheads Want Peace?

So, who am I referring to?  Pakistan/India?  Or is it Russia/Georgia?  Could it be the Israel/Palestinian thing?   Well in this case I am referring to the latter…..

Every American admin since Christ was a corporal has had this joy of there would be a peace in the Middle East….and every time it has proven to be a heart breaker and a point of contention…..Obama was NO better…in the beginning of his admin he saw a way forward to a lasting peace in the Middle East…a solution was at hand….but then….as always….

And as usual…Israel has announced it will build 1300 units in Arab East Jerusalem…..nothing new here…it is the same song that is played with every admin….

In the past I had worked in the Middle East and have watched the drama play out for 40 years and it is always the same…NO one wants peace in this part of the world…NO ONE!

So I am through with these dickheads and I am talking about both sides of this conflict….neither wants nor deserves peace….I say take all moneys back for weapons from Israel…take back all moneys back from the PA…..wash our hands of these totally irresponsible dickheads and let them kill each other until this part of the Middle East is scorched earth….since neither is truly interested in peace then I say ignore them….stop the flow of cash and the flow of reporting…treat them like we treat the Sudan…Nobody gives a sh*t!

This will be one of my last posts on these self-absorbed dickheads, once I post the two pending posts I have in draft form…there will be very little said by me about this part of the Middle East….I have better things to do than spend my time on the fruitless pursuit of peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians…not happening….NO ONE wants it…then let them destroy each other…

I will apologize to the average citizen of the two sides for my lack of caring….but as long as you let these egotistical morons run your lives….you are going to DIE and SUFFER….that is for both sides….if you cannot make your leaders find a peace…..then that is your problem….and I wash my hands of you and your kind….Tah!

To (Wiki)Leak Or Not

By now the whole damn world has had time to hear about all those Iraqi war documents that have been leaked to the public….the newest batch came out a week or so ago….some 400,000 pieces of information…..I purposefully waited until after the mid-term elections….why?  It would be a mention in the media because the election would be the big story….because it gives the pundits a reason to live…..

I spent a week or so checking out the conserv commentators on the tube to see where it was falling on the subject……almost to a man/woman the reporting they did was about how the leaks would destroy our national security and the one who leaked should be tried for treason or some such trumped up charge…..not one mention that these documents are full of out right LIES told to the American people….not one word about the hero of the Surge, Patreus and that his big plan was not that effective as the WH would have us believe….and I mean both Bush and Obama White Houses……

I focus on the Surge that all Repubs have thumped their chest like sex starved primates and tried to deify a general for being a genius that apparently he was NOT…..

A analysis of the newest Wikileak documents from the

For instance, the records suggest that the sectarian slaughter of 2006 was burning itself out largely because brutal ethnic cleansing had separated the Shiites and the Sunnis. The indiscriminate violence also had turned many Iraqis against both the excesses of al-Qaeda in Iraq and the sectarian militias.

Also, in 2006, key insurgent leaders, such as al-Qaeda’s Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, were killed and Sunni tribesmen in restive Anbar Province were signing up to accept American money in exchange for switching sides – all of these key developments preceding the “surge.”

Though the additional 30,000 U.S. troops in 2007 may have helped accelerate or consolidate these gains, the eventual drop in violence after the “surge” appears more coincidental than causal – and thus may not justify the acclaim given to President Bush and Gen. David Petraeus or the claims by neoconservative war strategists that they were vindicated.

A New York Times analysis of the WikiLeaks documents lends support to the more skeptical view of the “surge,” noting that the growing revulsion among Iraqis over the violence and a renewed hope for peace go a long way toward explaining why the killing slowed.

I do so enjoy being proved correct…..for not many in the mainstream media was critical of the Surge from the beginning….but on the other hand there were several bloggers, including myself, that saw it for what it was……a game of military chess……to take credit for a good thing even if it was not your doing……

The Surge was NOT the huge success that the politicos and the media made it out to be…..the tribes were already on the payroll of the US and the surge was more to protect Baghdad than it was to secure Anbar province….but it looks good on a general’s resume to say that he secured the province and it was handed over to the Iraqis for further protection……I said this in 2007 and again 2008……of course, then I was a doom and gloom writer with NO foot into reality….and now with the ‘official’ military documents saying basically the same thing as I……I have but one thing to say to my conserv detractors……BITE ME!

Taleban? Let’s Talk!

International Studies Group

Subject:  Afghanistan/Pakistan/Peace/Taliban

Since Gen. Pratreus has taken over the command of troops in Afghanistan there has been a wealth of speculation that he will go about the war the way he did in Iraq….that is to bring some of the warring factions over to the ‘good guys’ side and that will hasten the end of the conflict…..I am amused!  And underwhelmed by such extreme lack of knowledge on the part of the media…..yes…we all want this horrendous wart to end and our guys and gals return to their loved ones……the success of the so-called “surge” was not so much what the US did but rather what the AQ  guys were doing to the tribes in western Iraq….the Sheiks got pissed and decided to throw in with the US and its allies….for the time being…..

The strategy of the surge is a noble one but I think a little too optimistic for Afghanistan….

Karzai has admitted that he is in talks with the Taleban….but what does that really mean?

According to the Daily Times, the meeting, held in Kabul two weeks ago to contain the network, was attended by Maulvi Abdul Kabir, a wanted former Taliban governor, his deputy Sedre Azam and Anwarul Haq Mujahed, an imprisoned terrorist, who were flown to the Afghan capital from Peshawar.

Kabir was the governor of Nangarhar province during the Taliban rule and the current head of the Taliban’s Peshawar council, while Mujahed is a terrorist leader credited with helping Osama Bin Laden escape the US assault on Tora Bora in 2001.Washington and Kabul are reportedly seeking to capitalize on Kabir’s position in Afghanistan’s powerful and dominant Zadran tribe.

An Afghan official said that the US and Afghanistan governments want to try and sap some of Haqqani’s tribal-based strength by bringing Kabir on board and dividing tribal loyalties.

Of course, denials began to fly out of Washington and that the US would not jeopardize the troops with such an unthoughtful occurrence… thinks that they protests too much…..and that leads me to think that there is something to these reports….but more…it is a dash, a mad dash to make Patreus look like the miracle worker that he was portrayed in Iraq and to give some padding to the Obama strategy…..