The Day Of The Dead

November 2nd……..Yesterday was the big day…..first, let us take a moment to honor our ancestors after all it was the Mexican Day of the Dead and second it was the big day in politics in the US, the mid-term elections.

Was the fact that the US election took place on the Day of the Dead a bit foreboding or is it possibly a prophesy?  (cue eerie music here)……

I have been saying for about 2 years that the system that we all love is in serious trouble…..why?….because lies and misinformation are molding American opinion and in doing so is making the system that our Founders intended a moot point….there is NO longer civility, respect or compromise left in the hall of power…..instead it is about the next election and NOT the people and the country……..our system is dying….so having an important election on the Day of the Dead sounds very prophetic….

You think I am exaggerating the fact?  Okay, unemployment is at 9.6% and a “real” unemployment at about 17% and congressional leaders have said in print that the next two years is about making Obama a one term president and others have said that there will be NO compromise….and some of the newbies have said they will push for subpoenas to force the birther issue and the possibility of an impeachment…..and others that want to shut the government down….where is any of that going to breath life into a dying economy and political system?

The next two years will tell the tale…..will we dig ourselves out of a crippling economy or will we dig an open grave for the political system?  If I were you, I would keep an eye on the doings in Washington so that you will not be late for the wake!

Send in The Clowns! (The Morning After)

And the real shame is that there is NOT a pill we can take to make things better…..we must live with the deformed entity that we have spawned……Congrats!

First of all, let us be completely honest…..the 2010 election was the voter punishing the party that they are disappointed in…to reward a party that they cannot stand…..there you are American logic at its best!

It is finally over!  The 20120 mid-terms that is….and we have so much to look forward to in the coming months and years…..but the most fun will be from the CLOWNS that Americans have elected for their representation in Washington…..I am talking about the silly ones…you know who they are…Angle, Miller, O’Donnell and Paul……The American voter is so pissed at Washington that they would throw away their vote by voting for hypocrites and just plain crazies….nice job….with every election you guys just keep proving my case……

Yes I said silly and crazy!

Send in the CLOWNS!

First there is Joe Miller of Alaska (this race has NOT been called at the time of this writing and Miller is running second to the write in candidate)…..who thinks that we should do away with unemployment benefits because it makes people lazy to the point that they will NOT look for a job……but yet….his wife collected unemployment payments from the state of Alaska……was she lazy?  Was she a sponge on society?

Next is Rand Paul of Kentucky…the son of Rep. Ron Paul with whom I agree on a few issues like taxes and war and foreign aid……but this is his son…..who believes that the Civil Rights Act was a waste of time and effort…that “free markets” would have solved the problem if given time……it had about 300 years and it was NOT solved…what makes one think that it would do so today?

Rep. Bachmann from Minnesota….though she is running for re-election and not a first timer….she is one of the clowns and quite possibly the lead clown….she has made statements like liberals are un-American….and her eyes…her eyes scare the living crap out of me…they are crazy eyes……

Then there is Buck of Colorado (this race also has not been decided and is too close to call….but most prediction say he will pull it out after a re-count and such)…..Buck has said some crazy things. He wants to abolish the Department of Energy and gut the Department of Education in a state that is a leader in education reform and the new energy economy. He believes women that women who have been raped or victims of incest should have no choices if they are pregnant…..

There is a few bright spots of the absurdity of the 2010 election…..several of the more scary of the candidates did not win….Nevada’s Sharon Angle or Christine O’Donnell (never fear…she is a perpetual candidate…she will try again)….this election may not pull the GOP more to the Right than they are now….but will they actually work with the Dems to save the American economy?  That is the $64 question!

These people are truly CLOWNS….that prefer to LIE to the voters in a way to get into power….I am not talking about exaggerations….I mean out right LIES!  There are several others but these will be the lead acts of the Tea Party in Washington……I understand the anger that has grown over your representation in Washington….but is electing Bozo the way to change things?  Or for that matter…Crusty?