Damn! The Thought Police!

Have you read 1984?  It has been quoted and referenced since it was published….it has been the poster child of what is NOT in the democratic ideal…or maybe you will recall a movie with Tom Cruise (the name escapes me) where the police arrest people before they commit the crime…another case for the thought police….

Of course….all this imagination is just that…..fiction from the minds of the artistic types…right?

Not so fast!  Newser has a real life case of the thought police…..

An Italian couple has been awarded the legal right to annul their marriage for adultery; not because the wife slept with other men, but simply because she thought about it—then discussed it with her husband. Following a lower court decision and a ruling by the Catholic Church’s Ecclesiastical Court, the highest court in Italy decided that voicing the desire to have sex with another partner is just as bad as the act itself, reports CNN.
That Guardian gives some background: Apparently, the wife had spoken with her husband about the idea of having an open relationship before their wedding. She had “theorized” that sexual fidelity did not have to be a cornerstone of their marriage, but the court found “there was no evidence of the woman frequenting other men.” Remarkably, not only can the husband end the marriage because his wife had spoken of having an open relationship, but he won’t be required to pay alimony.

Italy, huh?  Yep the same Italy that in some areas is trying to enforce a dress code on the people of a town….No thongs….no belly shirts…..no mini-skirts……no Daisy Duke’s…….if this catches on…..most of us will scratch Italy off the itinerary of our European vacation……and this from a country whose leader spends a lot of time trying to explain away his sexual accusations….is Italy becoming more conservative?