Are You Smarter Than The Average Politician?

For months on months we have been bombarded with the realization that the Federal deficit is getting out of control….we are told that we need to kill health care or the at we need to tax more or that we need the Tea Party or the Dems or even the GOP to fix these problems….we have been told all the problems, some imaginary some not so, but the point is that we have been told all about the problems……cool huh?  But have you heard one of these people tell you how they would repair our spending spree?

I do not mind the spotlighting of the problems, as some see them, but I do dislike the fact that NONE have an idea….they must check with their party apparatus to decide what they would do….NONE have an original idea….

I would like to thank our friends over at “Why We Worry” (go to blogroll and visit a very good sight) for turning us onto this……

The NY Times has an article about how YOU can fix the deficit…..take your ideas and plug them into the questionnaire and see if you have what it takes to fix the deficit and make America strong again… will take about 10 minutes, if you do not read without moving your lips, maybe a little longer…..but see if you are as smart as a politician….…

Below is my solutions……and I did pretty well at lowering the deficit…..…

The problem is that I made choices that will benefit the country not my re-election campaign……

So what were your choices and why?

What Is In A Constitution?

College of Political Knowledge

Subject:  Government/Political Theory

Paper #39

My friend Quin,  over at Quintessential Havoc (go to blogroll and visit a thoughtful blog),  has been taunting (joking) me for sometime to define just what a Constitution is or what it really does for a given people.  It is not a really easy question to tackle and I shall give it my best effort……

First of all,  is a constitution a social contract or a political contract?

But first before we answer that question we need to look at what makes up a constitution…..

1–defines a way of life….values, principles, and definition of justice

2–defines the people…(this is open to interruptation)

3–defines the political institutions

4–establishes the basis of authority

5–distribution of political power

6–limits of government

There may be others that someone would add…but for the case of this post…these are the ones that I feel would make up a constitution….now we come to the question is it a social or a political contract?

Social contract……the simplest definition is…..the people give up sovereignty to a government or other authority in order to receive or maintain social order through the rule of law.  It can also be thought of as an agreement by the governed on a set of rules by which they are governed.

Of course we could delve into the definition a bit more but I feel that this pretty much sums up that the constitution…as defined…is a social contract as well as a political contract….

The forming of a constitution does not imply that the society is free and equitable….I mean Hobbes thought that an authoritarian monarchy was the way to go and Rousseau was all for a liberal republicanism…..even the now defunct USSR had a constitution……some have been more effective than others…..but no one constitution is for everyone…..but as much as some refuse to see that man is a herd animal and must give up some rights to be guaranteed others….and a constitution will define the limits of that contract with the population.

When considering a constitution as a political document it must be viewed in its entirety, not to pick and choose those parts that are most appealing…..for most constitutions are NOT an organic document, meaning that it is ever changing…it is the limits of the government and the people…….

Did I miss anything?