Morons…Each And Every One!

I really do not like calling people names….but as my grandfather said, “when you smell sh*t,  you just have to say it”…….

I wish to apologize to any of my conservs friends who I may offend….with that said the Right just keeps filling up with morons….some new and others have been around for a long time…..and in that time one would think that they would learn a thing or two……but apparently, they do not have the mental capability to grasp facts, instead just make crap up as they go along with the hope that NO one will notice that the sh*t is getting deep…..

We already know that Limbaugh, Beck, FOX News and a wealth of Righties think or believe that Obama is a socialist….and they could give some facts that support their position….they would be wrong….but they could make a case for it…..but over the Thanksgiving holiday a couple of right wing morons have stuck another foot in their mouths….

First is John Stossel, who use to be a pretty creditable journalist….those days are gone!

“The Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony organized their farm economy along communal lines,” [John Stossel] continues. “The goal was to share the work and produce equally. That’s why they nearly all starved . .”

“When people can get the same return with less effort, most people make less effort,” he remarks. “Plymouth settlers faked illness rather than working the common property. Some even stole, despite their Puritan convictions. Total production was too meager to support the population, and famine resulted. This went on for two years.”

The harvest feast that we call Thanksgiving was all about sharing a bountiful harvest… not think that had anything to do with starvation……Stossel is a MORON!

Next we have is Mr. Limbaugh, the mouth that will NOT shut the Hell up!

“The true story of Thanksgiving is how socialism failed. Of course we showed them gratitude. We shared our bounty with them. Not because we didn’t know how to make it. It’s because we first failed as socialists. Only when we turned capitalists did we have plenty. The Indians didn’t teach us capitalism.”

And then there is a Representative, one Todd Akin…..a supposedly informed individual that does the business of the country…

“It might be helpful to think back and say, there’s more to Thanks-giving than the Pilgrims. They were a group of people who were willing to change the system, to think of different ideas. They came here and separated civil and church governments. They came here and created the model of a written constitution, the idea that the government should be the servant of the people. […] They came here with the idea that after trying socialism that it wasn’t going to work. They realized that it was unbiblical, that it was a form of theft, so they pitched socialism out. . . we can remember their first Thanksgiving when they put a few kernels of corn on a plate to remind them of how close to starving to death they had been at one time.”

Okay people ….ONE more time……SOCIALISM as a form of government did NOT come into being until the 1800’s……lots of ideas, but NO government!  Akin and Limbaugh join Stossel…….they are MORONS!

Just another indication that the conservatives will do and say anything factual or not to try and make a point…..

I will not lie to you…there were problems when the pilgrims first got here, but by the time of that first feast thing s were moving along famously….

Hey…OLD FARTS!  Try opening up your mind and see these lying pricks for the useless lumps of crap that they are……you might find a new way of learning….it is called thinking!

2010 Anal-Ocity #28

This will most likely be the last anal-ocity for this year….for next month we start preparing for the upcoming 2010 Anal-Ocity Award, the “Assie”…….

recently when talking about the status of children in Afghanistan, a senior NATO envoy, one Mark Sedwill,  said this……

“children are probably safer here than they would be in London, New York, or Glasgow or many other cities.”

His comments were made for the public record while filming a BBC special on  children in Afghanistan…..

First a few stats for people….

Seventy-four children were killed by bombs or suicide attacks in Afghanistan during the first half of this year—

A rep from aid group Save the Children called the remark “daft,” since “one in five children die before they get to the age of five.” Reuters reports a number of statistics that fly in the face of Sedwill’s claim: 1,795 children died as a result of the war between September 2008 and August 2010; Afghanistan’s infant mortality rate is the highest in the world; UNICEF says the country is the most dangerous one to be born in.

So,  Mr. Sedwill being completely oblivious to the situation in Afghanistan deserves a place in Anal statement history….

2010 Info Ink Movie Review #1

First of all, it is NOT a movie…even though the people participated would like it to be, it is rather a TV show…a reality piece of garbage and I will debate that it is NOT now nor ever will it be, entertaining……however a few conservs friends had badgered me about watching a show on TLC (The Learning Channel) to see what I thought of it…the show is Sarah Palin’s Alaska….to be honest I watched two episodes (that was I all I could take without throwing a brick through my Tellie)…….

If the show was actually about the natural wonders of the state…it would be more tolerable….but NOPE…it is about the Palin clan and their pretend adventures in paradise……we see the family fishing (and clubbing halibut)….canoeing and watching bears by the waters edge or the family out gunning for clay pigeons…..all of which does very little to promote the natural beauty of Alaska and everything in the promotion of Palin and her Tea Party political views…..her comments are loaded with political undertones… the bears,  Mama bear is teaching the cubs that you have to do everything for yourselves…no one will help you (according to the commentary of Palin) or her spotlight on the use of guns or…..and it went on and on…..

It was more like a long campaign ad for her and her possible political career….not about the beauty of her state and why we should be impressed with the vista that is Alaska…TLC should be pulled in front of the FCC for allowing a person to use a documentary format to reinforce a person political stands…….

It is a worthless piece of entertainment (about as entertaining as watching flies mate)  and a waste of perfectly  good air time…..