A Sucker Born Every Minute

As my regular readers will know…I try to take a break from politics and such on Sundays and find something happening in society or culture that just begs to be commented on….and I found a good one!

Or whatever the quote is……it applies in these reports….This truly is a case of more money than brains….

Jon Jacobs has just sold a virtual asteroid for a very real $635,000. Jacobs bought the asteroid near Planet Calypso in the online world Entropia Universe back in 2005 for an unheard of $100,000. Turns out it was a good investment, because Jacobs just made more than a half-million dollars in the sale.

Okay, this dude made some cash off the sell….but who buys something that has absolutely no foot in reality?  As I read this, I thought this guy was a bit loonie tunes….but as I looked at the phenom I found more……

But he is NOT alone…this from USA Today…..

Rising interest rates have yet to cool white-hot real estate prices. Perhaps that’s why the concept of virtual home ownership has captured the imagination of a growing number of online gamers, who are plunking down real cash for their own slice of the digital frontier.Large swathes of undeveloped online property, some bearing an uncanny resemblance to a palm-studded West Coast beachfront idyll, are selling for up to $550 an acre.

That amount is but a song compared with real world real estate, but these are computerized representations of property — pretty pictures, if you will — in an online graphic role-playing game known as Second Life.

Is it just me or do these people way too much time sitting with a controller in their hand?  JUst where is the logic here?  I realize I am an old fart and may not get it…..but to piss away money on something so intangible as virtual real estate sounds just a bit silly…..but then I am no techno geek…..so what do I know?