It’s Green Week! (Again)…. (And Again)

A Daily Irritant

“Green Is Universal”……..a catchy little phrase from NBC/Universal when they want to appear to be trying to solve our energy problem… appears once or twice a year….like any other of the major failures the US has and they want to talk about it……

This week their promo is…”let the conversation begin”

Is that not the most putrid piece of garbage you have ever heard?

Let the conversation begin……here is a news flash for you guys……NO ONE is listening…NO policy maker gives a sh*t…..we have been having this “conversation” for 30+ years… what has that accomplished?  I know!  I know (he said raising his hand)………cars have been made more efficient by 3-5 mpg!

Now there is something your can tell your grand kids about…..

PAY ATTENTION!   NO ONE IS LISTENING!  Money talks and bullsh*t walks!  Talk is cheap! Do you now get the idea!  Can you grasp the concept of reality?

You can talk about every solution you can think of….but until we are willing to act on this then shut the Hell UP!  Cowards one and all…..they willing to talk but not to act……30 years of talking and you still sound like cheating husband trying to figure out what to say……you guys are pathetic!

Here is a sterling idea……FIND SOLUTIONS OR SHUT THE F*CK UP!

Knock Me Over With A Feather

There are times when the obvious does needed to be stated and this is one of those times….for years “Lefties” have been bitching about the political shenanigans of FOX News and now the WSJ has validated that concern….

A November 9 Wall Street Journalarticle sheds more light on the ongoing ethics problem involving Fox News personalities, who have relentlessly endorsed, raised money, or campaigned for Republican candidates or organizations.

The Journal reports that Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity — along with Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin — “are being paid to use their voices and faces to promote politically motivated groups.” The Journal also reported Fox News’ response to Beck’s actions:

“Because Glenn Beck’s Mercury Radio Arts agreement predates his agreement with Fox News, Glenn has certain radio obligations with which he needs to comply,” said Dianne Brandi, Fox News executive vice president for legal and business affairs.

Mr. Beck, whose radio program averages 10 million weekly listeners, has given paid endorsements on the show since May for FreedomWorks, a Washington, D.C.-based libertarian advocacy group that worked closely with tea party groups to support dozens of conservative candidates in last Tuesday’s election. As part of what are called “live-read” advertisements, Mr. Beck has urged listeners to join FreedomWorks–a group he also had expressed support for prior to the commercial advertising arrangement.

What to do…what to do?  Does anyone really think that they, FOX News, really are “fair and balanced”?  I just cannot believe my eyes!  (BTW, that is sarcasm)  Truthfully, I am waiting for the “witch” O’Donnell to get a gig at FOX……I mean every whacky out there has a voice there…Bachmann, et al…….so she needs to be offered a gig….you know they are whacky when Palin and Huckabee are the only sane voices on air…..

Is There A Political Socialization?

College of Political Knowledge

Subject:  Political Theory/Government

Paper #37

As always one post leads to another…..I had one a few months back about the political obligation (go to search, if you are interested) of the individual to his/her society….after re-reading it I realized that there was another part of that issue and that is political socialization….I know…..I know…HUH?

Well my question was intended to create a dialog as to whether we, as Americans, have an obligation to participate in the political system (check it out)………if you think we do have an obligation, then where do we learn of this obligation?

Well, we learn it in Civics class or American government 101 or……….and that process of learning is known as “political socialization”…..

Political socialization is basically, the process by which political culture is transmitted from generation to generation.

Back in the day….the beginning of the country our political socialization was the domain of the family…the children would learn the where fores and whys around the dinner table and by listening to the conversations of the men folk….as the children grew he was to continue the process as did his father or brothers or uncles or……

Then as more and more children were being educated the schools became the second line of learning the process of political socialization…the indoctrination was through the study of civics and American history…

Now the more recent development….since most families have both parents working hard and spending less time with the children, their primary political education comes more from caregivers and the media…TV and the internet……and then the political socialization continues through out ones life….but today the teachers of this socialization are from religious leaders or interests groups or TV or …well you understand the concept…..all this leads to the participation in the political process and how one votes…….

Now the problem as I see it is that  many people have NO ideology, with the exception of some emotional thing that has NO real bearing on governance… they become an independent, if you will, meaning that they will pick and choose among the lists of issues from one party or the other…..and mostly about what is best for them not what is best for the country……at times, there is a difference……and that they make their decisions based on what some talking head tells them is the issue of the campaign…I do not mind a staunch supporter of one party over another….just that they seldom hold to the principles that they say are important….but rather vote for some caricature that some entertainer paints for them….seldom checking for the accuracy of the idea……

For instance this past election, the 2010 election, people voted for lower taxes, to create economic growth and that they think that the TARP was a failure…….the sad part is……The facts: The Obama administration cut taxes for middle-class Americans, has overseen an economy that has grown for the past four quarters and expects to make a profit on the hundreds of billions of dollars spent to rescue Wall Street banks.

The American voter is sadly uninformed and politicians and the media are to blame…..but the final judgment is on the voter to check for the truthfulness of facts given to them by their leaders….something that they unwilling or incapable of doing……and the political system dies…..