Oh Boy! Here We Go Again!

2010 Mid-term Election Series

Lecture #11

Just as the election of 2008 was about change….so was the 2010 mid-terms…the American people impatiently wanted change and did not get it quick enough and they once again voted for change…..will they be disappointed yet again…..you bet your butt they will!

If you are a Repub I would not be thumping my chest like some sex crazed primate…..why?  As pollster Charlie Cook has said…..the GOP were not winners, but rather beneficiaries…….the people did not vote for them in particular, but rather voted against the ones in power at the time……

So….what can we expect from the new Congress in January of 2011?  They will work 3 days a week and spend  the other four raising money for their next election….they will work about 14 months total in that 2 year time frame…they will spend time on their knees in front of special interests begging for cash……so far not much change has come with the new crop of veggies…..

Today’s vote shows such promise, but the promise that the 2008 election showed was just the typical illusion of American political activity.  After the voting there will be the same song and a slightly altered dance in Washington….the GOP will be looking at 2012 and the general election….so the politics will be about securing a win for the GOP and the country will just have to wait another two years for it to be important anough for actions coming out of Washington.

If you think the the last two years have been silly or absurd……then you will just love the next years for partisanship and obstructionism will be all the rage…..the only difference will be that the Dems will have someone they can actually run against…..John Boehner  and his colleagues foolish promises will they push….it will be intersting to see how many jobs the GOP can pull out of its butt….

As I have said….”Here we go again”!

Fear Makes One Dumb

College of Political Knowledge

Subject:  2010 Election Series #10

Just what are the American afraid of?  That the Dems will turn to country more left?  That the Repubs are gonna screw old people?  Fear of an ever expanding deficit?  Or maybe it is the national debt?  Just what are they afraid of anyway?

First of all, YOU voted these idiots into office and you can throw them out!  So what is there to be afraid of?

Instead of fearing the president or the social security or health care or ……I could continue on and on….we Americans are afraid of a lot of things….not that we would ever admit it….but we are and have been for many years…..

First, we should be afraid of the political system….a system it is NOT working and has been broke for many years……politicians spend ALL their time fund raising and campaign and not in the business of the country…..it shows and shows badly…our beloved country is slipping away into the realm of the “also rans”….no one side is exempt…….no one side is exempt….they all play political games with the lives of their countrymen….

Then there is special interests…..our politicians owe their allegiance to corporations or people or industries….and guess what?  The Tea Party owes much to wealthy individuals for their support to gain a bigger foothold in Congress and their debt will be paid and at the expense of middle America.

There is NO truth out there in the campaign ad world…there is lies and misinformation, but very little truth…..and the American voter does not seem to care about this….they get angry and vote people out and then they do not get their way and pout again and again and again…..they become the innocuous ‘independent’ voter…..

So yes…American voters have much to be truly afraid of…..but very little of it is anything to do with what comes out of the mouths of their politicians and representatives……what they need is to worry about the next generation and just how sh*tty it will be….they need to worry that for the first time in a very long time the US could very well be out of the prominence that it once had in the world of nations….the American voter, in its stupidity, is killing any chance of a bright future for their children and grandchildren….

Fear makes one stupid!  Fear gives one tunnel vision!  Fear eliminates rational thought!

As you go vote today….choose well, my friend……but keep in mind what and who you are voting for…..your choice will not be as attractive a year from now as it was today….

Adlai Stevenson summed it up very well…..

The idea that you can merchandise candidates for high office like breakfast cereal – that you can gather votes like box tops – is, I think, the ultimate indignity to the democratic process.

Are You Voting Today?

Today is the day the Repubs and Teabaggers have been waiting for for 2 years…the 2010 mid-terms…..for some voting is such a chore and if you are looking for a better way then I have an answer for you…..

Watch this and then tell me that we would not get a better crop of representatives with this method…..


Not only are they cute but they show a certain zest for politics…..I know the feeling…..