Professor’s Classroom

Good morning class. I hope you had a good weekend.

OK today’s question involves what some consider one of the most important documents of the civilized world, the Magna Carta. The question is:

The Magna Carta was signed in what year and where? Easy huh? Then who would said this about the document? “TheMagna Carta is a shameful a a demeaning document that was forced on the king by violence and fear.”

Oh yeah, a bonus question:

There are 17 copies of the Magna Carta, one is in the US, who owns it and where is it displayed?

Good luck and the clock is ticking.

5 thoughts on “Professor’s Classroom

  1. I went to see one years ago, in The British Library in London, during a special exhibition.
    They told us that there were up to 17 copies around, but that only 4 were ORIGINAL copies from 1215, with others made later.
    That includes the one in The Library of Congress, in America, apparently.
    (They didn’t say who owned that copy to loan it to them, so I looked that up. David Rubenstein)
    The most famous copy here is held in Lincoln Cathedral, and that was loaned for a display in the Library of Congress some years ago. I have a cousin who lives in Lincoln, and he told me that.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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