Justice Is Served!


Paris Hilton has been released from jail after 5 days of the 23 day sentence is served.

Please forgive me–I do not want this to be a fluff blog or a gossip blog, but I feel i must comment on this deal.

Poor little rich girl–that mean old cell was too bright, too cold, she could not eat or sleep. It got so bad that she had to have a visit from her shrink. At a news conference, officials said she was put on the house arrest program and she would be released because of a unspecified medical condition.

H. Rap Brown in the 60’s said the American justice was just-us white folks. Sounds like he was pretty right in his observation. Paris has shown the legal system for what it is–a pile of crap and that if you have enough money –you can get away with anything.

I am sure that Paris has learned her lesson. (sarcasm) I am sure that she now has nothing but respect for the law. (sarcasm) If I were a law enforcement person or a lawyer or a court officer, I would be embarrassed at the utter contempt for the law.

As for her unspecified medical condition–she is a c*nt! A spoiled little rich bitch that desparately needs to be bitch slapped and force fed a burger! She now knows she is better than us common people and the has just reinforced her belief that she can do NO WRONG!

This society makes me sick!

I am CHUQ and I have approved this message!



Turks Invade Iraq

This is a follow up to my post of a couple of days ago. The news now is that a limited incursion of Turkish troops have entered into N. Iraq. Probably a special ops mission before the big bang. But at the same time Washington, Iraq and Turkey say they have not entered into Iraq. There are reports from Europe that say thus is a falsehood. Now it comes down to whether you believe Washington, I mean they have been so truthful with the facts in the past, or you believe the other reports.

The US media is still fairly silent on this occurrance, so I tend to believe it is happening the way it is reported from other sources.

Answer me this, if you can:

1–Why did the US troops pull out of N. Iraq last week? Good security? He asked as the car bomb goes off.

2–Why no news coverage?

3–What about the friends of the US, the Kurds?