Speaking Of Bloomberg

Today is my B’day so it will be a short day for posts. How old!?! So old I f*rt dust!

Bloomberg–The Rest Of The Story

Michael has decided he is no longer a Republican, kinda like a few years back when he decided he was not a Democrat. Gee, this guy changes affliation quicker than I change socks. What is behind it? Easy! Answer EGO!

Let us look at the possibility of him running for pres. Here are just a few good calls on his part.

1–Can pick and choose the party he wants to run under or run as an independent.

2–He can wait and let the field thin abit as the annouced candidates snipe at each other until they start dropping like flies.

3–Since he has played in both parties, he has the appearance of possibly being bi-partisan.

4–Has more money than GOd so he can wait and wait for the best time to act.

5–Because of his cash, he can finance his own campaign, thus eliminating special interest influence.

IMO, these are just a few of the reasons he may run for president. At least there is something of interest to watch instead of the normal 2 party rhetoric.