Accomplishments, Please!

There has been alot of lip service about what is going on in Washington. About what the Repubs and Dems are up to. Just thought I would remind my faithful readers of something I posted back after the last election.

Are Democrats Gonna Be Different?

The demos ran a campaign of opposition to the war in Iraq. They were successful in winning the control of both legislative houses. They promise to bring reliablity and honesty to Washington. Now they will be facing the American people with there new brand of representative government.

IMO, there will be some smoke and noise at first, giving the impression that they are doing their part, but when the smoke clears, they will be no different than the last Congress.

There is already Demos who are supporting a surge in military forces in Iraq. They claim it will be only temporary. Same song they sung in Vietnam and a tortal of 50,000+ Americans died. I believe we have been decieved. But only time will prove me right or wrong. I pray I am wrong.

I would like to remind you that because they introduce legislature does not mean it will be enacted. With the idea of 2 houses all bills and such can be shuffled back and forth until the bill is so lost in BS that it will be forgotten.

Participatory democracy is the only way to achieve the people’s wishes. BTW, you have representative democracy now, do not confuse the two. Once the people are in control then only then will the legislators be held accountable for their actions. Right now they are only held accountable every 4 years or so; and they count on the short memory of the American people.

IMO–Nothing will change!