Weekly News RoundUp

All the news you cannot use! It has been a pretty good week for CRAP!

Firecrotch, Lindsey Lohan got nailed for DUI and possibly Coke. No not the soft drink! Anyway, she is in Rehab. What kind of rehab lets you go shopping, partying, and such? They are just places “celebs” go to hide.

Residents of S. Florida are concerned with a 4 foot 80 lb lizard that is on the loose and threatened some locals–thinking…thinking…wait a f*cking minute, they feel somehow threatened by this lizard and they live with 12 ft. gators and snakes the size of SUVs.

A new museum opens in Kentucky, the Creation Museum, where man and dinos are together and even dinos on the ark. I cannot make this stuff up!

Atlanta QB is in the middle of a dog fighting investigation in VA. If you are a magnet for bad PR, why would you be involved in a felony like dog fighting?

Dr. death, Kevorkian, has been released from prison. May I suggest that the Bush Admin give him a call. His way is a lot quicker than their way.

Did you know that they found residual amounts of Cocaine and weed in the air in Rome? You mean all I have to do is breathe? My planes leaves in 2 hours.

Before I call it a day–Did you hear the one about the guy with TB? If you have not–where do you live, I want to move there!

May you have a very Brady day!