The Day The Earth Stood Still

I wish I was talking about the 50’s movie, but unfortunately I am talking about Paris Hilton. I have thought about this a bunch, well not really, but anyway, if the American people would show this much interest and concern for their country and their political system we would be a better place for it.

Look at today’s stories–Paris has a court date–then she will do it from home–then she will have to show in court, then the judge sends a car for her, then she is put in handcuffs, like that has not happened in her bedroom, and then………..on and on. Ok what is the deal with this broad? Parents are worried about what TV and the movies are teaching their kids, but yet this microcephalic bitch is allowed air time. She is telling the young that she is special. can get special treatment, and does not need to take responsibility for anything.

I am most upset in the fact that news and death and violence and so forth and so on is happening all over the world, but yet this blonde dink gets all the ait time.

I can only pray that the observation made by Russell Baker, when he said, ” Live by publicity, you’ll probably die by publicity”. We can only hope that Miss Paris falls pray to this.