My Look At The Political Scene

Political Pique

HUH? Pique: n, indignation. HUH? Indignation: n, righteous anger.

Now just what the hell am I talking about? I have political righteous anger and it began back about a 1000 years ago when I left the service of my country, the US Army. After my exit from the military I became radicalized; I guess one could say I was on the extreme left of the political spectrum. I found the works of Marx, Karl not Groucho and other such thinkers. ( The Internationale plays in the background) I embraced their teachings, unfortunately the teachings did not embrace me. The problem was factionalism. Each group/party/….had their view of what the US should look like and how it should be approached. Nowhere would any of these groups actually work together for a common cause and because of this the left was as impotent as a guy without Viagra. My core beliefs are still there but I decided to move beyond the BS and work for the betterment of the American people.

And then came 1980! The rise of one Ronald Reagan; the beginning of the neocon movement. For me, it was a black day in American politics; it was when the party became more important than the country and the welfare of its citizens. The sad part about this was that it was not solely the Republicans, but the Democrats as well. The Dems saw what the Repubs were doing with the Party apparatus and they jumped o nto that bandwagon. And in doing so they became impotent. They were tasting the BS that kept the Left from becoming a viable alternative. All programs and policies were for the advancement of the party, not the advancement of the country. Unfortunately, it has been this way for decades and it continued through the 2004 election. Both sides held the path of Us against Them!

Because of this posturing by the parties, I ask–what has been accomplished for the people of this country? Simple answer–Not a damn thing!

Is there any good news? In my opinion–YES! What is it? More voters are labelling themselves as Independents than any other time in our history. That means that they are rejecting a lot of the party machines and are actually looking at issues and platforms before they vote. The time has arrived for a possible third party to make a good show in the election. I say go to they are putting together a great effort to find an alternative to the crap we are fed daily by the 2 parties. Will it win? no telling at this point, but it will open up the possibilities for alternatives and the possibility that the people will elect a president and not a party.

So yes I am very happy that my political pique may be on the wane. I am excited that this election could be the beginning of a new day where the country is the first concern and the party is just a minor footnote to that election. The people are finally realizing they have the power; they do not need a party to be in control. Hopefully, they will continue this minor political revolution and they realize that the people are the power.

I say let the games begin and may the best person win the election for the first time in decades. 2008 will be the beginning, I just pray that it will continue and the American people will never again become complacent and allow this manipulation to occur again.