Weekly News Round-Up

It is that time again! All the news that sounds better with booze.

Kurds are fleeing N. Iraq’s border with Turkey–they seem to know something is about to pop!

Trent Lott, the mouth of the South, has called talk radio, the “scourage” of America. Not bad from a guy who is still living in the days of segregation, huh?

Bush down to a 26% approval rating, great he and Nixon have something in common–STUPIDITY!

Ron Paul has been excluded from the next repub debate in Iowa–it is a christian thing so I guess the think he will not have anything positive to say.

Those damn Asians! That is Asian carp that are taken over the aquatic ecosystem of the Mississippi basin they fly thru the air and attack.

OK, Paris has two f*cking days left in prison–tuesday will be the day to take off for me–there will be no actual news on that day.

One last note–there is a South American airline (name withheld to protect the innocent) that during flites there are lingerie models walking the aisles as entertainment. This is a ………………sorry CHUQ had to catch a flite and he will finish this post when he returns–if he returns.