The Russians Are Coming!

Awhile back Georgey boy “looked into Putin’s soul and saw a friend”. Ooops! Could he have been mistakened? Not our Pres. (sarcasm intended) Today Putin compared the US to Nazi Germany. Does that sound familiar?

The Cold War arms race is about to heat up. The US has spent $23 billion on a missile system and Russia is testing rockets that could carry nukes. Does any of that sound like something from the past? It should!

Where will this lead? Will the communist return? Will Russia become a power again? This is an unfortunate side effect of the Bush scheme for the world; it is backfiring on him and thanks to him we are about to be engulfed in another confrontation with Russia. If the war of words go badly, then the face off will ensue.


Is Spain Really A Bad Guy?

MADRID, Spain (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Cuba was on the verge of a “major transition,” and chided Spain on Friday for not doing more to support dissidents in the communist island nation.

Rice was speaking en route to talks with Spanish leaders, during a one-day visit meant to smooth over a three-year downturn in relations between Washington and Madrid.

But the disagreement over Cuba has threatened to wash away any growing goodwill. At issue is Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos’s decision to snub Cuban dissidents on a visit to Havana in April, a move that irritated Washington

The above is a piece about the admin whacking Spain’s pee-pee for now siding with the US. Utterly ridiculous. Why? The US is still pissed that Spain pulled out of Iraq and they are taking every opportunity to scold them on something. Pathetic ain’t it?

Spain was looking after the best interests of their country, something Bush should try. I beleive that was why we elected, right?

OK, let us talk about Cuba. recently oil reserves were found off Cuba and the US starting posturing themselves to oppose anyone that may help Cuba get the crude out of the ocean floor. This is stupid! 90 miles off the US is an oil reserve and we will not help get it out because we have this ideological difference with Castro. This is stupid! We will not buy oil from Cuba but we will buy from an unstable country like Nigeria. This is stupid!

Why is this? Answer is pretty easy. The Cuban oil industry will be nationalized and thusly oil companies will not be able to rape the reserves. It is business that is the problem and politics will play a role; they do not want to alienate their conserv Cuban base in Florida.

The whole oil industry is a bit ridiculous and unfortunately, the American people have empowered them to do as they see fit, not what is best for the country. Your President is a yes man for the industry and with the next election, little will change.