Colin Powell

I have been seeing a few stories in the media about Powell meeting with Obama, and others. IMO, this is good! He is a man that I would trust and I am not a Repub, so me saying that is really something. I think he can be trusted and has respect and ethics, which is something dearly lacking in politics.

Will he make a run? Doubtful! He seems to not want to be in that light whatsoever. I like that! IMO, he would be an excellent Sec. of State for the next pres. A few of my friends at Pacifica Nation and I have been talking about maybe him for a Veep. I would have not prob with it, but I think Powell might. We must respect his wishes.

Although I will say he has some of the qualifications for leadership, diplomacy, military service, policy experience and a good presence. Like I have stated I am NOT a Repub and I would have little objections to him in the running. Of course, him going against the grain with Bush does not hurt either. I think he stayed as long as he did with Bush jr was because he felt some loyalty to Bush I and wanted to repay him somehow thru service to Jr. He quickly found that he was being used as a tool of these…people and he decided enough was enough.