The New Domino Theory

If you are old, like me, you will remember the domino theory from SE Asia, where if one country went communist they all would fall to the commies. Did not work out so well, some fell most did not!

The new theory I say is one in the ranks of the pro-war people. Yesterday sen Lugar a long time repub supporter came out against the war. Voivich also came out. Sen warner said that after the 4 july break more would fall.

Bush will lose all support soon and then we will see the war being seriously considered and hopefully, Americans can stop dying and come home to their families.


Cheney and The Environment

Here some stuff to be proud of (sarcasm intended)

Characteristically, Cheney left no tracks.

The Klamath case is one of many in which the vice president took on a decisive role to undercut long-standing environmental regulations for the benefit of business.

By combining unwavering ideological positions — such as the priority of economic interests over protected fish — with a deep practical knowledge of the federal bureaucracy, Cheney has made an indelible mark on the administration’s approach to everything from air and water quality to the preservation of national parks and forests.

It was Cheney’s insistence on easing air pollution controls, not the personal reasons she cited at the time, that led Christine Todd Whitman to resign as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, she said in an interview that provides the most detailed account so far of her departure.

The vice president also pushed to make Nevada’s Yucca Mountain the nation’s repository for nuclear and radioactive waste, aides said, a victory for the nuclear power industry over those with long-standing safety concerns. And his office was a powerful force behind the White House’s decision to rewrite a Clinton-era land-protection measure that put nearly a third of the national forests off limits to logging, mining and most development, former Cheney staff members said.

Shall we call him an assh*le?


Blair To Be The New Middle East Envoy

Who’s plan is this? Got to be a Bush/Cheney/ Rove thing! Why would he be a good ME envoy?

The quartet gathering came a day after the Israeli, Palestinian, Egyptian and Jordanian leaders held a summit in a unified stance against Hamas and its stunning takeover of the Gaza Strip. Monday’s summit at an Egyptian resort on the Red Sea was meant to bolster Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, whose Western-backed Fatah party was severely weakened by the Hamas victory. The Hamas takeover has left the Palestinians with two governments: Abbas’ new Cabinet based in the West Bank, and the Hamas rulers of Gaza, who are internationally isolated.

Is this an attempt to try and find peace? Or is it just a pay off for all his “blind” support of the Bush game. Since Blair is a Bush mouthpiece, why would he be an asset in a region that Bush has f*cked up?