What Is Unity08?

I have mentioned this organization several times in my blog and thought this would help inderstand why I do so.

Unity08–Now Is The Time!

A new NEWSWEEK Poll, conducted Wednesday and Thursday nights, suggests a majority of registered voters agree with Bloomberg: 57 percent say the two-party system does not do a good job addressing issues important to Americans, according to the poll. The same percentage of registered voters say the country needs a third political party. That’s up from 46 percent in 2003—and virtually identical to the 58 percent who said they favored a third party back in 1996, the year Ross Perot mounted his second independent run for the presidency.

While voters may support the notion of a third-party candidate for president, they aren’t necessarily sure Bloomberg, the billionaire business-news entrepreneur now weighing a run for the White House, is the man for the job. According to the new poll, nearly two out of three registered voters, 65 percent, say that if Bloomberg runs they are “not too likely” or “not at all likely” to vote for him—including 55 percent of independents. (Only 5 percent of registered voters say they would “very likely” vote for Bloomberg, while 21 percent say it is “somewhat likely” they would support him.)

It seems that the people are not to impressed with our represntatives right now. The Pres approval rate is 26%, not even Nixon can say that. Congress approval rating is 23%. Even with the so-called mandate with the last election, they are getting nothing accomplished. The American people are starting to come out of their self-induced coma they have been in for years and are realizing it is time for a change of leadership.

That brings me to the point! The best, IMO, chance of a third party in the next election is for the group called Unity08. This is from their website:

What We Believe

Unity08 believes that neither of today’s major parties reflects the aspirations, fears or will of the majority of Americans. Both have polarized and alienated the people. Both are unduly influenced by single-issue groups. Both are excessively dominated by money.

For most of the 20th Century, the contest for the U.S. presidency was waged over those “in the middle.” Recent Presidential elections, however, have not been focused on the middle but on the turnout of each party’s special interest groups — with each party’s “base” representing barely ten percent of the American people.

We believe that, while the leaders of both major parties are well intentioned people, they are trapped in a flawed system — and that the two major parties are today simply neither relevant to the issues and challenges of the 21st Century nor effective in addressing them.

As a result, most Americans have not been enthusiastic about the choices for President in recent elections, the key issues they ran on, or the manner in which the campaigns were conducted.

Therefore Unity08 will act to assure that an alternative ticket is presented to the American voters in 2008.

If you truly want a change in Washington and in your life, then I recommend Unity08.com. Get involved, make a difference, you children and grandchildren are depending on you.



Professor’s Classroom

With Congress in session, sort of, and the problems that have occurred with pages, like Monika and that rep guy who liked boys; my question for this week’s classroom is:

What corporate biggy served as a page in Congress before leading one of the world’s largest and richest companies?

There may be a few, but I am looking for specific person.

Good luck and you may begin.


Well it is time again for the most anal comment to be entered into the mix.

The word was ‘we don’t do nation-building,'” Gen. George Casey, the Army’s chief of staff,

OK, then what would you call the rebuilding of Iraq, the attempted rebuilding of Iraq, in the image of the US?