Professor’s Classroom

Since so much is in the news about gas and oil prices, I thought I would expand the knowledge.

When did the modern oil industry begin? By whom? And when and where?

Good luck and you may begin.

Class may I have your attention for a moment? There is a bonus question.

Who said “Play it again, Sam” and where?

Easy, right?

Democratic Debate–NH Version

Let me begin with–the debate was about as exciting as watching grass grow. The first thing I noticed was the “mutual admiration” society on the stage. Everyone going out of their way to say something polite about their counterparts–that was a yawn!

Now to the grits and the gravy

Hillary–was a rehash of sound bytes

Obama–unimpressive and stiff

Edwards–Held his own on Iraq, healthcare, etc. But he is an oxymoron–a personal injury lawyer that talks about honesty.

Biden–A bit confrontational and told the audience some hard cold facts.

Kucinich–Tried but he could not do it. Trying to find a hook to get in the top tier.

Dodd, Gravel, Richardson–were there! No more can be said than that.

Depending on who you support on who the winner was, but since I am not a democrat I will give my opinion.

Biden won the debate! He gave his positions and defended them with skill.

Edwards was a close second–he made his points and moved on. The healthcare exchange was about the best of the night.

It is a shame that people have probably nade up their minds who they will support and the others will be ignored.